Sea Tales 2023/2024 Family Cruise Travel Planner

Carnival Cruise Line Minimum Age: Six months (twelve months for trans-ocean crossing and remote itineraries, where there are

more than 2 consecutive days at sea) Children’s Programs: Extensive Babysitting: Yes Tickets: See the Top 10 chapter for complete information! Click here for full line info. Costa Cruise Line Minimum Age: Six months (twelve months on some destinations) Children’s Programs: Extensive Babysitting: Yes Tickets: O verview

Costa Cruises is the largest cruise line in Europe, and as it builds new ships regularly (just like its parent company, Carnival), it has one of the most modern fleets, particularly in the Mediterranean. And like Carnival, Costa Cruises does regular upgrades. Known as the line that cruises “Italian Style,” Costa Cruises projects a lively and appealing Italian vibe (count on finding delicious pastas on the menus) that attracts an international mix of passengers. The onboard currency is the Euro and announcements are made in a number of languages, including English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish. Given the passenger mix, the entertainment bridges language barriers with theme parties, a mix of musical offerings from classical to rock, and games and contests cooked up by the youthful and energetic cruise staffs. While most Costa Cruises ships home port in the Mediterranean and offer the greatest variety of cruises there and in Northern Europe, they also travel to other destinations (including the Caribbean in winter, and Canada and New England in the fall). Costa Cruises has even pushed the itinerary map to include exotic ports in China and Southeast Asia, as well as the United Arab Emirates (the line home ports two ships in Dubai). Older Costa Cruises ships have a sophisticated, European flair, but more recent builds, reflecting the parent company, have energizing color schemes. The onboard atmosphere is casual and fun, with lots of excitement, activities, and entertainment. Because the line attracts passengers of all nationalities, evening entertainment trends toward more music and dancing, and less toward language-based (comedy or theatre) productions. Most nights are informal, so resort wear is fine. There are two gala evenings on the Caribbean cruises and at least one on European sailings; recommended dress is suits for men and cocktail attire for women. Costa Cruises “suggests” that guests do not wear beach clothes in the dining room or restaurants. Costa attracts adults and families who desire a fun at-sea experience with many onboard activities that will appeal to the entire family. The demographic varies with the itinerary; the ships carry mostly North Americans in the Caribbean, New England, and Canada, but mostly Europeans on all other itineraries. Costa Cruises is also popular with young Italian honeymooners and Italian college kids on school breaks. Costa cruises are best for adults and families looking for a large cruise ship with varied onboard entertainment and a lively continental atmosphere, as well as cruisers who enjoy fellow travelers with diverse, international backgrounds.

2023 Sea Tales Family Cruise Travel Planner

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