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October 2019

Dr. Paul Braadt

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ENJOYING THE PAST While Creating New Pleasure Moments

covered head to toe in colorful leaves. Sometimes it’s these simple things in life that create treasured pleasure moments. During this busy season of holiday preparation, it’s helpful to take time to observe the changing seasons, like the silhouette of colorful leaves against the intense blue sky. As we get further into fall, notice the smell of burnt wood in the air along with the colder weather. As a kid, I recall smelling burning leaves throughout our neighborhood. This was before we knew anything about carbon footprints or global warming; it was a simpler time. The chill in the air signals that winter is on the way and is a refreshing reprieve from summer’s heat and humidity. Along with the “Minimizing Seasonal Stress” tips in the cover article of our September newsletter, noticing the beauty of this time of year can help to de-stress the pace of modern living. Perhaps turn off the TV to minimize negative news exposure. Enjoy a walk with a family member, friend, or neighbor while observing the beauty of nature and enjoying the obvious health benefits. I’m sure you have your own past pleasure moments to savor and ways to de- stress, but I encourage you to continue to create new, simple pleasure moments as you go through life’s challenges. These moments are like miniature vacations and can sometimes shift our stressed and exhausted moods in a matter of seconds.

As a kid, I was a student of ancient history, especially the Roman Empire. I took four years of high school Latin and always wondered why the 10th month of the year, October, translates to eight in Latin. Here’s what I found: The old 10-month format, called the Julian calendar, was changed to the present 12-month format, called the Gregorian calendar, by inserting two additional months: January and February. However, by inserting these new months at the beginning of the year, the new format bumped October from eighth to 10th. I guess no one really thought it mattered. So there you go — a bit of ancient history. My memories of October as a youth included chores around our home, like raking leaves. I would rake huge piles of leaves, and my younger sister, Liz, and I had fun jumping into them. We also collected horse chestnuts that fell from the trees into our front yard. To us, they were beautiful, shiny pearls, so we saved them in large cardboard boxes that my dad threw out at the end of the fall. Later on, I found out these same horse chestnuts were used to treat varicose veins and circulatory problems, as well as itching and swelling — who knew?! I should have saved those boxes! My dad warned us not to eat them because they could be toxic. And as we often learn over time, our parents usually turn out to be right. At my own home many years later, I raked our leaves and had fun throwing Michelle, our daughter, into the piles. She always emerged laughing and

Pleasure moment between my dad and me

And, if you spot horse chestnuts on the ground this fall, you, too, can have fun saving these shiny pearls; just don’t eat them! In our office, we have safer, modern strategies for treating itching and swelling.

In knowledge and health,

–Dr. Paul Braadt

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