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A few weeks ago, I did something I don’t often do: I took the day off for no reason in particular. There was no occasion to celebrate, no event to attend — just a chance to relax and have a weekday without responsibilities. While it’s not my natural tendency — I’m a hopeless workaholic — I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to have an aimless day to recharge my batteries. My wife and I probably spend 99 percent of our free time together, but I decided to spend my off-day on my own. “You know what, honey,” I said that morning, “I think I’m just going to head to downtown Portland on my own today.” Louise, ever gracious, thought it was a wonderful idea and left me to my own devices. When I left the house, I promised myself I would let nothing stress me out. That was tested right away, as I hit some serious traffic on the way into the city. I normally don’t follow a commuter’s route, so it was an unexpected experience for me. But every time I thought about bemoaning the traffic, I snapped myself out of it. And you know what? The traffic ended up being no big deal. Once I arrived downtown, I had zero plans whatsoever. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I do love green tea, so I stopped at a cafe to enjoy a warm drink and do some people-watching. I spent the rest of the day just goofing off, ambling around, and enjoying being directionless. Would I want to do that every day? Absolutely not. But was I glad I did it once? You bet. The pleasures of taking a lazy Wednesday to yourself may not seem worthy of sharing at your Thanksgiving table, but sometimes I think gratitude for life’s simple pleasures is just as important as being thankful for more remarkable events. That’s something I’ve had to learn over the years. When you’re in your 20s, it feels like every little thing is a life-and- death matter. Unless something truly amazing happens, it’s easy to take

your blessings for granted. As you get older and gain an appreciation for day-to-day joy, your sense of gratitude only grows.

Of course, I’m still incredibly grateful for the essential people in my life. I’m insanely lucky to be happily married to the woman of my dreams for 36 years and counting. We’re both family-oriented, so that is another source of happiness in our lives. Though we both have children from our previous marriages, we consider ourselves one big family. It’s rare that we can get everyone together these days, but when we do, we all know how special it is. Some people would have you believe that gratitude diminishes as you get older. In our experience, it’s just the opposite. Every day I wake up thankful to live the life I have. As you gather with your loved ones this Thanksgiving, try to take a moment to acknowledge the little things you’re grateful for. Odds are they’re more important than you considered. – Garry Li day

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