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The transition from the football field to the farmyard might not be everyone’s idea of an upgrade, but it definitely was for Jason. “My agent told me, ‘You’re making the biggest mistake of your life,’” Jason remembers. “I looked right back at him and said, ‘No, I am not.’” After leaving football, he moved to North Carolina to start the First Fruits Farm. It has that name because he donates the first fruits of every harvest to food pantries. In his first harvest, he yielded over 100,000 pounds of sweet potatoes that went to feed hungry families. “When I think about a life of greatness,” Jason says, “I think about a life of service.” Talk about caring about the one! Jason turned down the glory of the gridiron for the glory of being able to help as many people as he could. He’s an example to all of us and a reminder of just what an impact you can make if you devote your life to assisting those in need.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

One of the best aspects of working at AZCOMP is that we live our core values. Many companies pick their values from a list of clichés and adopt them because they feel like they are supposed to. We couldn’t have a more opposite approach. Our values are personal to us, and we are encouraged to find examples of their meaning both inside and outside of work. I recently came across a story that perfectly illustrates our third core value: We care about the one. This value is all about being in the moment and providing help to whoever needs it. The client we are working with now needs our full attention, so we make sure we address all their needs. Being there for people is what customer service is all about. And while the value was created with our clients in mind, I find it applies equally to the way we care about each other and the community, as well. I was watching the news recently and came across the story of a man who lives his life caring about the one, even though he could have easily coasted to a life of leisure based on his incredible talent. For seven years, Jason Brown (no relation, I swear) was a center in the NFL. He made millions of dollars and had a career that millions of little boys grow up dreaming about. However, that wasn’t enough for Jason. In 2011, he decided to retire from the NFL and pursue his passion for helping others by becoming … wait for it … a farmer!

I’d like to close with a message from Jason Brown that applies to every aspect of our lives:

“Never stop giving. Never stop loving. Never stop growing.”

- Natasha Brown

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that it needs to cool down before continued operation. The same principle holds for charging. It’s crucial that you charge your phone in a cool area, preferably below 80 degrees. Your phone also has information letting you know which apps are draining the most battery life. This information can be found in the settings section under battery life. If you notice that one or two apps use a disproportionate amount of power, you can either delete them or change the settings to adjust the polling. Polling is how often your phone communicates with the app. For example, rather than having your phone automatically check for Facebook messages, you can have it only check when you open the app. We may be years away from the weeklong charges we used to enjoy on our Nokias. But with these tactics, you can extend your battery life by a significant margin. WARNING! LOW BATTERY How to Extend Your Phone’s Charge

Our phones do things that only a generation ago would’ve been considered science fiction, from snapping pictures and playing music to video conferencing and surfing the web. Despite these incredible advances, or maybe because of them, there’s still one thing that even the best phones struggle with: holding a charge. If you’ve ever wondered why your phone seems to die at the most inopportune time, you might be surprised to learn all of the factors involved with battery life. Updating apps might seem like a constant chore, but current iterations can provide a boost to performance. App creators continually optimize their products to function more efficiently, so you should update often. Updating is itself a battery-intensive process, so you should update while your phone is plugged in. Once completed, restart your phone.

Heat also contributes to battery performance. If you’ve been using your phone outside this summer, you may have gotten a warning



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In her nearly three years at AZCOMP, Erica Cluff has served many roles, settling in seamlessly. But let’s not bore you with specifics. Erica’s personality could fill these pages all by itself. What’s Erica’s favorite part about working at AZCOMP? “Wow,” she says, “how do I even put it into words? It’s an incredible company that delivers careful, personal service, and the atmosphere is just incredible.”

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Since you rely so heavily on your computers and network to run your practice, you might be interested to know how we’ve helped companies like yours. A messy computer system can lead to lost earnings, poor productivity, and a decrease in customer satisfaction, not to mention the threat of compromised data. Network Administrator’s managed IT services will give you peace of mind knowing that your computer system is dependable, secure, and compliant. The difference between managed IT and standard break-fix services is that managed IT services are there whenever you need them, not just when something goes wrong. Our goal is to make sure you remain stable on the front end, avoiding problems before they start. Of course, if an unexpected issue arises, we’ll be there to coach you through it.

When she’s not in the office, Erica spends most her time trying to keep up with her two sons. “I have a teenager who thinks he’s 30 and a 10-year-old,” she notes, “so they keep me pretty busy, running around from the schoolroom to the baseball diamond.” Beyond that, you could sum up Erica’s hobbies with four words: friends, family, music, and laughter. She totally crushed our Christmas Party Lip Sync Battle, performing Guns ‘n’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle.” If we could use one word to describe Erica, it would have to be “magnetic.”

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Avoid Text Message Scams

Everyone uses passwords to protect their sensitive information, but not all passwords are created equal. This article provides tips on how to create strong passwords and secure your personal data.

We carry our smartphones everywhere we go, checking them day and night, so it’s no surprise that cybercriminals have begun to move some scams from the computer to the phone. One area where scamming has exploded recently is in the form of nefarious text messages that seek to rope users into a scam. There’s even a catchy name for this latest trend: smishing. The way these scams work is by sending you a text that contains a link you are urged to click on. The message will look like it’s coming from an official source, like your internet provider or bank. Often, you will then be prompted to send an email asking for follow-up information. Once you provide the information, the criminals may attempt to compromise your data, take over your bank account, or threaten to release private information. You need to be vigilant to avoid falling prey to these sophisticated schemes. If you receive a text from a suspicious party, or even a source you’ve never been texted from before, don’t click on any links. Another huge red flag is any message asking for password or credit card information. With a watchful eye, you can keep the scammers at bay.

Technology isn’t just a fact of life for modern businesses, it’s also a way to increase efficiency and collaboration. In this blog, you’ll learn about apps that can do wonders for your company, like cloud-based productivity, communication, and project and task management tools.

It might seem like a magic trick, and it’s usually the first thing a support person will tell you to do to fix your computer issues. But there’s actually hard science behind why restarting your computer fixes so many issues. This article details just why it’s so effective for solving a multitude of problems.

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With a 2016 revenue of over $37 billion, there’s no denying that Ikea is a giant in the world of furniture and in the retail game at large. If you walk into a friend’s home, odds are you’ll spot something that came from the Swedish company. The company’s values are the underpinnings of its success, and Ikea continues to find new ways to innovate. It’s hard to find products that are both affordable and high- quality, but the items at Ikea meet both criteria. Not too long ago, buying furniture required making a multidecade commitment. Occasionally, you would make payments on a sofa for nearly that long as well. With Ikea’s pricing model, shopping for furniture went from being a source of anxiety to a source of joy. Ikea stores are so beloved that customers will travel hours to shop there, and some people show up solely to eat in their food court.

Ikea also prides itself on being an ethical and progressive company. Sustainability is a huge initiative for them, which is another reason for shoppers to feel good about shopping there. They aim to source all of their wood sustainably by 2020, and they are well on their way to achieving it. Additionally, Ikea creates a diverse, inclusive workforce, where women hold 50 percent of leadership positions. You can find everything you need for your home at Ikea, from a fork to the dining table it will rest on. For many people, moving isn’t complete without a visit to one their stores. Not every company can achieve the incredible success of Ikea. What they can do, however, is learn from Ikea’s value-driven approach and apply a little of that thinking to their own organizations.

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