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Gregory Kunkel, Esq.

Welcome to Kunkel Law Firm’s newly designed monthly newsletter! I established Kunkel Law Firm in March of 2013 after practicing law for 25 years with different firms. Our firm’s mission is to represent injured and disabled workers pursuing claims for Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation benefits and to provide representation to workers in employment rights litigation. As our firm continues to grow, we remain committed to implementing new and innovative approaches to practicing law and communicating with our clients. As part of our professional development, I was recently recertified as a specialist in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, which recognizes attorneys who have successfully demonstrated the required level of skill, expertise, and years of practice to be certified as a specialist in the area of workers’ compensation law. Currently, I am one of only 211 attorneys across Pennsylvania to be recognized as a certified workers’ compensation specialist.

Anxiety, concern, conflict — parents and teens agree that digital devices are a source of all three of these, according to a study from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. The comprehensive study compared digital device usage in the United States and Japan and how they have an impact on family relationships in both countries. “The patterns of daily life have been forever altered by the ubiquity of digital devices,” says Willow Bay, co-author of the study and Dean of USC Annenberg College. “Clearly, our always-on media environment is presenting challenges.” So why do we still have these devices on us at all times, and how can we use them more responsibly? USC Annenberg’s study demonstrates that technology isn’t going away anytime soon, and learning how to manage its usage is critical. Here are some tips that both parents and teens can learn from. HOWTOBALANCE TECHNOLOGYUSE INYOUR FAMILY ManageYour Devices; Don’t Let ThemManageYou The study gave interesting insight into how we perceive our kids’ technology usage and how they perceive ours. It found that most parents think their teens are addicted to their mobile devices. Most parents also felt addicted themselves. Their teens are aware of this — 1 in 3 teens also believes their parents are addicted. Your kids learn from how you spend your time. As the parent, you are the No. 1 example your child has for any behavior. If they see you looking at your phone most of the time they’re with you, they’ll likely start to do the same. BE THE EXAMPLE

We truly appreciate the confidence our clients have placed in our firm and look forward to providing quality services for many more years to come.

- Gregory

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