2018 NCWM Newsletter, Issue #1

ADVERTISEMENT Think We don’t expect to have an accident when we leave home each day. Being aware of our surroundings is of utmost importance to protect ourselves against injury. We must do our part to protect ourselves and others from unforeseen dangers. If injured we may be faced with long term health conditions and expensive medical bills. Our family may be forced to deal with loosing us or taking care of us long term. Taking just a fewmoments to evaluate potential risks can save lives. “Safety it’s up to me!” is a good reminder for everyone. Sources: www.selectinternational.com/safety.../aware-of- surroundings-can-reduce-safety-incide http://www.worksafemt.com/your-role/employees/rights- and-responsibilities/ https://content.statefundca.com/safety/news/2014issue4/ PubPersonal.asp http://www.selectinternational.com/safety-blog/aware-of- surroundings-can-reduce-safety-incidents

• Let your supervisor know if you are taking medication that affects the safety of yourself and others, especially if you drive or operate machinery. • Speak up. Share concerns. • Let supervisor and co-workers know of damaged equipment, hazardous conditions or unsafe behaviors. • Report all near misses, injuries or illnesses. • Share ideas to make equipment and the process safer. Don’t Create Additional Hazards • Don’t be in a rush to complete a task and neglect safety to finish the job. • Do not create any safety hazards that could be prevented. (e.g. laying an extension cord on the ground that can cause a tripping hazard for others.) • Put away tools when finished. Watch for Potential Hazards from Others • Be aware of those who are around you. (e.g. Cars speeding through gas stations or someone who approaches with a cigar in their mouth when working with flammable liquids.) Other Things to Consider • Use proper lifting techniques. • Become familiar with products, chemicals, material safety data sheets and any other items. • Use safety barriers when needed. New Slate of Officers Nominated The NCWM Nominating Committee chaired by Kristin Macey (California) met at the 2018 Interim Meeting in St. Pete Beach, Florida to select a slate of candidates for officers of NCWM. The Nominating Committee gives careful consideration to professional experience, individual qualifications, conference attendance and participation, and other factors of importance in selecting officers who will lead this organization into the future. Those who are elected will selflessly give of their time and talents for the betterment of the NCWM mission. The following slate will be presented for election at the 103 rd NCWM Annual Meeting this July in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

CHAIRMAN-ELECT Craig VanBuren, Michigan BOARD OF DIRECTORS, ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - CENTRAL Ivan Hankins, Iowa BOARD OF DIRECTORS, ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - SOUTHERN Hal Prince, Florida BOARD OF DIRECTORS - AT-LARGE Rebecca Richardson, MARC-IV Consulting Congratulations to you all for your nominations!

NCWM-News 19

2018 Issue 1

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