2018 NCWM Newsletter, Issue #1

January has come and gone. I think this last interim meeting was one of the best that we have had thus far. I want to thank our staff; Don, Jim, Darrell, Elisa and Tyler for all the hours of preparation in making the meeting a success. Next, I need to thank our board for long days in setting great policy and discussions on how to improve our conference every day. We, the board, see that with the assistance from the regions, there would be benefit in having just one deadline for all new proposals. Prior to this, each region had a different deadline. So NCWM will implement a September 1 deadline for all proposals this fall. It will greatly streamline how fall publications are developed and finalized. It will also result in much more uniform content and item numbering between the four regions and NCWM Publication 15. If you plan to submit a new proposal for the fall cycle, please start preparing it now to meet the new September 1 deadline. We had the first meeting of the Cannabis Task Group at the Interim Meeting in January. The result of this meeting was the creation of five focus groups to look at, but not limited to; Suitability of Scales, Method of Sale, Package and

Labeling, Safety for Inspectors and Moisture Loss. Space is still available if you want to join. We have 30 States with medical use and eight states now with recreational selling of cannabis. It is time for NCWM, as the standards developer for weights and measures in this country, to give guidance to its member states and the regulated industry. We are hoping for a full day of discussions at our NCWM Annual Meeting this July in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Please stay tuned for further updates on this growing group. I would also like to thank Josh Nelson for his expertise and assistance in helping me to get this conversation started. In closing for final thoughts, I want to thank the State of Florida for the work on the Wednesday morning session and the afternoon field trip on credit card skimmers at the gas pump. Hal Prince and his entire staff have continued to show this problem is not going away. I hope to see you all at CWMA and NEWMA in May. If not, I will see you in Tulsa this July.

Thank you,

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2018 Issue 1

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