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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that over 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that approximately 149 million workdays are lost due to back pain. While millions of Americans experience back pain, the majority of back pain cases are non-specific, meaning that there is not a primary cause, such as a fracture or disc protrusion. With non-specific back pain, there are usually 3 common factors that are contributing to it: 1. Poor posture. 2. Weak core and gluteus muscles. 3. Poor hip flexibility. You may be thinking, “What do my hips have to do with my back pain?” Well,

your hips have a very large range of motion that works together with the movement of your back. Your hips contain thick Y-shaped ligaments known as “iliofemoral ligaments” that work to provide support. With prolonged sitting over weeks, months, or years, these ligaments shrink, reducing the natural movement of the hip joints. When the iliofemoral ligaments shrink, they begin to yank and pull on the pelvis, which is attached to your spine – thus causing back pain. Additionally, this can cause the pelvis to tilt, altering the posture of your spine and increasing strain. Luckily, this can be resolved through improving your hip mobility. Contact Agility Physical Therapy today to find out how!


2. Hip Squatting Test • Keep your knees parallel, facing forward. • Squat down as far as you can, keeping your feet and heels flat on the floor. • If you feel a lot of pressure in your knees or calf muscles, you could have a hip movement problem. • Try again in front of a mirror. Does your body want to go to one side? This can indicate a hip motion problem on one side. Find relief for your pain today! If you are looking for a safe and effective treatment method for treating your back pain and figuring out if it is originating from your hips, contact Agility Physical Therapy today to consult with one of our physical therapists. Your physical therapist will conduct a comprehensive exam to determine the best individualized treatment plan for your needs. This will include targeted stretches and exercises in addition to any pain-relief modalities your physical therapist deems fit. Our mission is to help relieve your painful back symptoms while simultaneously improving your hip mobility, strength, and function. Contact us today to get started on the first steps toward relief!

Your hips are par t of a kinetic chain, meaning that they make up a combination of weight-bearing joints that must function together in harmony in order for your body and posture to function properly. If one part of the kinetic chain is out of balance, stress may be placed on another part of the body – such as the back. Fortunately, you can test your hip mobility with some at-home tests. If you notice that any of these bring you pain or discomfort, don’t hesitate to contact Agility Physical Therapy as soon as possible to find relief. 1. Hip Mobility Test • Lie on your back with your legs straight out. • Cross one ankle above the other knee, cross-legged in a “figure 4” position. • Keep your ankle pressed on the other leg, but now lower the raised knee to the side. Does it lower close to the ground? • Repeat on the other side and see if there is a difference. • This might indicate a hip motion problem and cause back pain or hip discomfort on that side.


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Exercise Essentials Try this exercise to help keep you moving...

Helps With Hip Pain

HIP ADDUCTION SIDELYING While lying on your side, slowly raise up the bottom leg towards the ceiling. Keep your knee straight the entire time. The top leg should be bent at the knee and your foot planted on the ground supporting your body. Repeat 6 times on each side.

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