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March 2020

My daughter, Gabby, was dancing before she could walk. She was 5 years old when she first started taking dance classes, and since then, we’ve traveled all across New England for competitions and performances. By now, she’s grown accustomed to the butterflies before taking the stage in front of judges, and I’d venture to say she enjoys the adrenaline rush of performing. But that’s still a lot of pressure for a kid. This December, Gabby and her dance company were invited to perform at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The judges at Disney don’t fool around when it comes to selecting dance troupes to perform at the theme park. Gabby’s dance company had to apply and send a video for consideration. Just getting selected was a big accomplishment, but then the fun began. We were headed to Disney World! My family has been to Disney World a few times, but this trip was more special than the rest. Gabby and her dance friends were invited to participate in a private showcase with some of Disney’s professional dancers. It was a parent-free zone where the girls were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from That’s why it was so special to watch her latest dance adventure.

professionals. Afterward, they performed on Animal Kingdom’s indoor stage. It was a proud moment for my wife and me as we watched Gabby dance just for the enjoyment of it. No judges. No pressure. Just fun! Next up was the main event! The girls joined dance troupes in a parade at the Magic Kingdom. We asked Gabby all week to clue us in to their spot in the parade and which side she would be on. Certain we had chosen perfect spots, we prepared for their dance company to bring up the tail end of the parade. But as the parade started, we realized Gabby and her company were actually leading the parade! After moments of “Oh crap, here they come!” and scrambling for the camera, we watched Gabby and her friends dance one of their most memorable performances yet. It was such a cool experience to see Gabby dancing without nerves down the street with the biggest smile on her face. We were all so excited to see her, and we snapped one of the best pictures of Gabby. Her smile is huge, and you can tell she’s putting her entire heart into the routine. Even her little brother Michael was cheering for her! Though he’d never admit it, he was clapping like crazy and really proud of his big sister. He felt a little snubbed when she wouldn’t give him a high-five until we learned they were told if they touched anyone in the crowd, they would be removed from the parade! Of course, the other parts of Disney were fun, too. It was the first time my daughter had been to Disney with her friends, and it was such a big thing for her and her friends to go off on their own and have that independence. As a parent, it was a little bittersweet, but we had fun, too! My son, my wife, and I checked out the StarWars Galaxy’s Edge part of the park. They had just opened it, and it was a really cool experience for us.

The only downside of the trip was that I injured my foot right at the beginning. I tried to hobble on it all week, but after a few days, I was barely able to limp on it. My family peer-pressured me to use a scooter one day, and it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life! But I tried to make the most of it and talk to other scooter-riders and see if there was a “brotherhood among scooter users.” (There’s not.) My family is sure excited to have photos of this day to forever mock me! But no foot pain or scooter embarrassments could take away fromhow special this trip was for Gabby, her friends, and our family. It’s safe to say we’ll remember this trip to Disney for a long time. -Michael Monteforte Jr. | 1

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