LifetimeFlex and 365Flex Policy Document

• Make a claim in respect of any loss or damage caused by your wilful act or with your connivance. Then: 1. We shall not pay the claim. 2. We shall not pay any other claim which has been or will be made under the policy. 3. We may at our option declare the policy void. 4. We shall be entitled to recover from you the amount of any claim already paid under the policy since the last renewal date. 5. We shall not make any refund of premium already paid. 6. We may inform the police of the circumstances. Preventing fraud We and/or our agents, along with other insurers pass information to fraud prevention and credit reference agencies. We may pass your details to the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register run by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and Insurance Hunter, a central insurance anti-fraud system and other databases, to which other insurers may have access.

Claim form completion We will never guarantee payment of a claim over the telephone. If you want to make a claim you must complete your sections of the claim form and for veterinary fees, arrange for your vet to fill in their part along with a full medical history and return to us within 60 days of the pet receiving the treatment or as soon as possible thereafter. For death claims we will additionally require the original purchase receipt, vet’s death confirmation, or independent witness statement. We only accept invoices that are on a veterinary practice headed paper and contain VAT amounts and a VAT number if your vet is VAT registered. Financial and treatment histories headed “Insurance report” or similar are not acceptable. You will be responsible for any costs charged for the completion of the form. If all or part of your claim cannot be paid we will tell you in writing. Send your claim form and supporting documents to: MiPet Cover Pet Insurance The Connect Centre Kingston Crescent Portsmouth PO2 8QL Subject to policy terms and conditions we will pay your claim if the claim form is correct and complete: 1. When we have all the information we need to support the claim. 2. When we are sure that the claim is valid. 3. When any legal action or other action has been settled. If it is more convenient and your vet agrees, we can pay claims directly to your vet , after deductions. You can tell us to do this when you make a claim. We will not pay veterinary fees directly to anyone who is not a vet . If you have asked us to pay your vet we will send payment directly to your vet and if there is any amount other than the fixed excess and variable excess that we cannot pay because the costs are not covered we will tell you in writing. You must settle with your vet any amount not covered under this policy . If we have made any overpayment regarding claim settlements, this will be requested back in full and/or deducted from any future claims. If any liability under this insurance is covered by any other insurance policy we will not pay any claims until that cover is exhausted. Following a claim we shall be entitled to take over and exercise any rights in your name against any other party for our own benefit and at our own expense to recover any payment we have made under this policy .

Complaints procedure

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional level of service and customer care. We realise, however, that things can go wrong and there may be occasions when you feel that we have not provided the service you expect. When this happens we want to hear about it so that we can try to put things right. Although it can help to make complaints in writing we are happy to receive complaints communications in whatever form or medium is appropriate for your circumstances. Who to contact The most important factors in getting your complaint dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible are to be sure you are talking to the right person, and that you are giving them the right information. When you contact them please give them your name and a contact telephone number. Please quote your policy and/or claim number and the type of policy you hold. Please explain clearly and concisely the reason for your complaint. Step one – Initiating your complaint: Does your complaint relate to: A: your policy ? B: a claim on your policy ? If A, you need to contact the customer service team on 0808 164 8008 and state your complaint. If B, you need to contact whoever is currently dealing with your claim by calling the claims team on 0808 164 8001 and state your complaint. In either case, if you wish to provide written details, the following checklist has been prepared for you to use when drafting your letter. • Head your letter ‘Pet insurance COMPLAINT’. • Give your full name, post code and contact telephone number(s). • Advise them that you have a MiPet Cover Pet Insurance policy and quote your policy and/or claim number. • Explain clearly and concisely the reason(s) for your complaint.


It is unfortunate that with all types of insurance, fraud and attempted fraud can occur. We employ sophisticated fraud detection and prevention techniques to ensure we only pay out on genuine claims. By doing this we are protecting the interest of all policyholders and are able to offer a comprehensive policy with competitive premiums. You must not act in a fraudulent manner. If you or anyone acting for you : • Make a claim under the policy knowing the claim to be false or fraudulently exaggerated in any respect. • Make a statement in support of a claim knowing the statement to be false in any respect. • Submit a document in support of a claim knowing the document to be forged or false in any respect.


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