LifetimeFlex and 365Flex Policy Document

vii. Any treatment in connection with pregnancy or parturition. viii. Or any cost as a result of failure to carry out these procedures. 11. We exclude all costs for elective spay or castration, and in situations where the spay or castrate are in order to prevent future medical or behavioural complications of any sort. Cover will be provided when your pet is suffering an immediate and critical medical condition and the spay or castrate is essential and necessary for the treatment of that condition. 12. Any claim or treatment for cryptorchidism (retained testicle(s)) unless your pet was under 12 weeks of age at the start of the policy. 13. The cost of bathing, grooming or de-matting your pet unless a vet confirms only a vet or a member of a veterinary practice can carry out these activities, regardless of your personal circumstances. 14. Behavioural problems and training unless caused as a direct result of an insured incident occurring during the period of insurance . 15. The cost of spay or castrate as a treatment of a behavioural condition. 16. Sex hormonal problems unless directly resulting from a valid claim. 17. Any cost of pheromone products, including DAP diffusers and Feliway and/or similar feline facial pheromone products used in either a spray or an electric diffuser format unless pre-approved as part of a behavioural program for a maximum period of six months; 18. The cost of any treatment outside normal surgery hours except for treatment that a vet considers cannot wait until normal surgery hours (necessary treatment ) because it would seriously endanger your pet’s health regardless of your personal circumstances. The vet that treated your pet must also confirm this in writing when, your veterinary claim is submitted for necessary treatment outside of normal hours the additional charge is limited to a maximum of £150. 19. Non-essential hospitalisation and/or ambulance charges and/or house calls unless the vet declares that to move your pet would seriously endanger its life. 20. Travelling expenses incurred by your vet unless the vet deems that to move your pet would seriously endanger its health. 21. Any charges greater than £100 in respect of euthanasia even in the case of your vet putting your pet to sleep to alleviate incurable and inhumane suffering following an accident or illness . 22. Any claim for any form of housing, cage, or bedding needed for the treatment or wellbeing of your pet. 23. Every claim will be reviewed by an internal pet claims assessor and compared to charges for the same or similar treatment within the same area to ensure that the treatment and veterinary fees are reasonable, necessary, essential, and not excessive. 24. Any charge for surgical equipment that can be used more than once. 25. Any fee charged by your vet to complete the claim form or any ancillary administration fees including but not limited to dispensing fees, late payment fees, claim form completion fees, administration referral fees to specialist vets, or referral fees and x-ray referral fees. 26. Prescription foods or diets of any type including obesity and weight control prescription foods except prescription food subject to a maximum of £100 to prevent the formation of bladder stones and crystals in urine where we will pay the difference above normal feeding costs.

27. Nutritional supplements and vitamins unless prescribed by a vet to take the place of medication and if they have a proven effect upon an injury or illness or something directly caused by an injury or illness . 28. Any treatment administered outside the period of insurance . 29. Fees for unapproved alternative medicine or complementary medicine (including but not limited to pulsed magnetic field therapy, matrix energy field therapy, the Bowen technique, Reiki massage, and faith healing). 30. The cost of any treatment or complementary therapy connected to or resulting from organ transplants and fitting full or partial artificial limbs (prosthesis) with the exception of costs relating to replacement hip, elbow and or knee joints including pre and post- operative care. 31. The cost of any treatment , or complications arising from treatment , that you choose to have carried out that is not directly related to an injury or illness , including cosmetic dentistry or surgery. 32. Any overseas treatment costs where the journey abroad was specifically made to obtain treatment or where the vet confirms treatment can be delayed safely until your return home. 33. Complementary treatments that are not carried out under the direction of a vet or listed therapist and previously authorised by us . 34. The cost of routine or investigative tests or diagnostic procedures, unless these are being undertaken specifically to diagnose an injury or illness due to specific existing symptoms or clinical signs and where such a diagnosis will potentially alter the course of treatment . 35. The cost of any procedures involved in the diagnosis of an injury or illness that are carried out again when your pet is referred to another vet . 36. The cost of routine blood tests including blood tests carried out before surgery, or before anaesthetic for surgery or routine blood tests before any other procedure if your pet is less than eight years old. Unless there is something in your pet’s medical history to suggest your pet’s health may be at risk from the anaesthetic, surgery, or procedure. 37. Fees resulting from an injury or illness that is excluded on your policy schedule. 38. The cost of dentistry except as a result of an accident unless your pet has had at least one dental check with your vet in the previous 12 month period and all treatments recommended by your vet have been carried out at your own expense. 39. Any claim as a result of a ‘notifiable’ disease (as defined by DEFRA) e.g. rabies. 40. Any post mortem costs. 41. Any charges in respect of disposal, cremation, or burial of your pet. 42. Incremental costs caused as a result of the late submission of your claim. Signs of injury You must arrange for a vet to examine and treat your pet as soon as possible after it shows clinical signs of an injury . If we decide this may not be the case we may refer the case to an independent vet . If it can be established that the delay in arranging treatment has or is likely to result in additional costs or expenses being incurred we reserve the right to either refuse to admit the claim or make a deduction from any settlement to reflect these increased costs or expenses.


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