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MAY 2020

Remembering What Really Matters A Mother’s Day Shoutout to My Incredible Mom

These last few months have been tough, but for me, a bright spot has been spending time with my family. I have more appreciation than ever for my wife, Laura, and everything she does for us, and I’ve found myself thinking a lot more about my kids, my siblings, and my parents, who live a few hundred miles away. With Mother’s Day coming up this month, I wanted to put all that worrying to good use and give a shoutout to my mom, Kathleen. It’s funny to say I’ve been worrying about my mom because, for as long as I can remember, she’s been the worrywart of the family. I’m the oldest of four siblings, and when we were growing up, it seemed like my mom was always fretting about something and making things seem worse than they were. Every situation was a worst-case scenario. I’m sure you know the drill — if one of my siblings was even five minutes late to something, she’d think they were dead in a ditch somewhere. That said, my mom was also great at coping when times were tough. No matter what went down, she was the one who could always find a light at the end of the tunnel. I admired that ability then, and I respect it even more now! Considering my dad was away serving in Vietnam for a year and a half while my siblings and I were growing up, it’s possible my mom felt she had to cultivate that mindset. Raising three kids alone (my youngest sister didn’t come along until later) couldn’t have been easy,

As the oldest in my family, I feel responsible for checking in on my siblings and parents, particularly when things get tough. I’ve been making the rounds a lot lately to talk to everyone and make sure they’re doing okay. I’ve even tried to get my mom onto Zoom so we can video chat! Hopefully, I can help her master the platform in time for Mother’s Day. It’s going to be strange not to see her in person to hand over gifts and take her out to lunch, but I’m grateful for any contact we can have. Now more than ever, her ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel is a gift. Don’t forget to text, call, or video chat your own mom this Mother’s Day if you’re able. By leaning on each other, we’ll get through this crisis and come out stronger.

but her grit and strong faith in God helped her out when things got difficult.

Another thing I admire about my mom is that she never let motherhood stop her from pursuing her other dreams. She has an undergraduate degree and a master’s in library science, and when my siblings and I got older, she went on to law school. Funnily enough, the two of us actually went to law school at the same time, just to different schools! That might have seemed weird to some people, but it never bothered me. I was just proud of what a hard worker my mom was.

“By leaning on each other, we’ll get through this crisis and come out stronger.”

–Lance Sharp | 1

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