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APRIL 2019

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No.2 You’re Leaving Holes in Your Defenses constantly monitor every machine on your network for threats or ensure that every employee is regularly updating their applications. Even if you could, that would be a colossal waste of your time. A good MSP will help monitor the health of your network at all times. They’ll pinpoint potential issues before they lead to a breach. And if the worst does happen, they’ll be stepping in as soon as possible to remedy it. No.3 You’re Opening Yourself up to Costly Server Downtime Let’s look at the worst-case scenario. You suffer an attack and your system goes down. Would you rather call somebody who has no idea who you are or what your network looks like to solve the problem, OR would you want somebody who already knows what’s happening and has already started fixing the problem? Even if you’re the most tech-savvy business owner out there, you don’t have the time to It’s a pretty clear choice, especially since every minute counts when your network is down. A quick fix could be the difference between a minor headache and a company-closing catastrophe. No.4 You’re Not Operating at Peak Efficiency A lack of efficiency is the most invisible cost associated with a cheap IT approach, but it’s also one of the most damning. Even if you never suffer an attack, you’re losing money in productivity if your tech isn’t up to snuff. A proactive eye and active consultation with an MSP will keep you ahead of the curve. In times of sickness and health, an MSP like AZCOMP, will be right there by your side. In a world where tech and business are inseparable, who wouldn’t want that? –Byron Adams

For most businesses, technology is essential and confusing in equal measure. The necessity of leveraging tech for business success is self-evident at this point. Without the latest tech tools, you’ll struggle to compete. It’s just that simple. The question then becomes how to best utilize and protect that technology. The nature of cybercrime is constantly changing, as are the best methods of deterring hackers from breaking into your private networks and accessing your data. That’s why so many businesses are making the wise decision to enroll in managed IT services for their security needs. Managed services providers (MSPs) like AZCOMP monitor a company’s network 24/7, consult them on their tech needs, and help them avoid potentially crippling attacks before they become issues. In short, MSPs are partners with the businesses they serve. They help businesses grow and thrive by ensuring their tech is rock solid. Managed services stand in contrast to the old “break-fix” approach. These cut-rate companies only show up when there’s a problem to report (i.e. when it’s too late). Far too many companies rely on these services, only to find them wanting when trouble arises. Here are four reasons why the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” should never be applied to your precious digital resources. No.1 You’re Just Praying Nothing Ever Goes Wrong You may think that break-fix services are a failsafe against something going totally haywire in your system. That’s true in theory, but not in practice. Because break-fix companies only show up to resolve a problem, they don’t know the ins-and-outs of your system. As such, they may not be able to resolve a problem quickly enough to save your bottom line. Investing in break-fix services is basically the same thing as getting the bare minimum in auto coverage. You’re not actually paying for the coverage; you’re betting against something happening to you. In both cases, that’s a very silly move.

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