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April 2018


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Meanwhile, my daughter has discovered the ’90s sitcom “Friends” and has been binge-watching episodes ever since. I was never a huge fan, but my wife was. It’s been fascinating to listen to them bond over the twists and turns of the plot. Each time my daughter experiences a pivotal moment for the first time, my wife has to struggle to keep herself from spoiling the ending. These shared cultural touchstones extend beyond just TV. Often, when it’s raining outside, my son will head down to the basement and work on the model train set he inherited from me. I had these HO-scale model trains from the time I was about his age. However, years in storage from my college days left them a little worse for wear. As a present to my son, we had the old model trains restored to their former glory. My mother-in-law continually takes him to an old-school hobby shop for more tracks and accessories to add to his growing collection. Our basement now has an entire miniature town, complete with farmland, police station, and multiple loops of track for the trains to zip around on. It’s quite impressive. Seeing the amount of dedication and enjoyment my son has gotten out of these models makes me glad I held on to them in the first place. So, I suppose my personal favorite rainy day activity is watching the way my kids are growing up. When we’re in the middle of softball or baseball season, my mind has to be dialed in to the moment, supporting their games and practice schedules and cheering their achievements on the field. It’s nice to have the occasional slow day, when I can stop and observe the big picture. Here’s hoping for just the right amount of rainy days, – David DeLaFuente

The De La Fuente household is almost always in motion, at least when the weather’s nice. We’ve been praying all winter for an early spring so we can get back to the sports and activities we love. While April has brought warmer weather, we still have to put up with the occasional downpour. On those rainy days, we can become regular couch potatoes. Thanks to modern streaming services, it’s easy for us to get caught up on TV shows or watch movies. “The Amazing Race” is a family favorite. Between the drama, competition, and amazing locales, it’s the perfect remedy for an otherwise cloudy day. “Amazing Race” and “Big Brother” are the only two reality shows I can stomach. I can’t speak for the wife and kids though. “The amount of dedication and enjoyment my son has gotten out of these models makes me glad I held on to them in the first place.” There’s definitely some generational gaps in what we like to watch, but I love when the kids stumble across timeless classics. The other day, my son was laughing these big, loud belly laughs from the living room. I came in to find him watching an episode of “Tom and Jerry,” just like when I was a kid. The slapstick humor combined with whimsical animation just doesn’t get old!


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