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June 2020

As I write this, many of us are checking in on family members’ well-being and even revisiting our own health. For quick answers, you might be searching random health sites, but this often leads to confusion. So, if you find yourself doing this, then consult a medical professional instead and remember the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle are eating right, exercising, and maintaining the right perspective (or mindset). Speaking to that last point — and since Men’s Health Week is approaching from June 10–16 — I thought I would share how I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In my mind, my health or well-being falls into three camps: mental, nutritional, and physical. My spiritual well-being significantly impacts my mental health since my faith plays a crucial role in my life. As I age and continue down my spiritual journey, I find it is easier to maintain perspective on what’s important, and I’m less apt to feel the pressures of consumerism. Additionally, my spirituality gives me perspective on the aging process so I look forward to the next day’s lessons and adventures. I’m sure others have different ways of tending to their mental health, but for me, my faith (and spending time with family and friends) means everything to my mental health. My wife, Amy, plays a significant role in my nutritional health by preparing meals for us throughout the week. Even though we’re on the same page when it comes to nutrition, Amy takes the lead, and I benefit from her decisions. Our diet is an example of all things in moderation. Generally, we stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins for dinner and tend to avoid processed foods. However, making pasta once or twice a week is an example of how we enjoy all things in moderation. Full disclosure: I am best served by

NOT having chips in the house, and I tend to demonstrate that Amy’s chocolate chip cookies and brownies CANNOT be eaten in moderation, so it’s best if they only show up on special occasions. When it comes to my physical health, the injuries from my youth limit what I can do for exercise, so my workout routine has evolved through the years. My weight training schedule isn’t very rigorous, but it’s consistent, and I focus on exercising three days a week. I also ride a bike or take long walks most days. I gave up running years ago to avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on my joints, so I now bike instead of run. I am blessed to have a safe bicycle path close to my house. I love riding my bike from 156th and Maple and heading south around Zorinsky Lake and then back, which is a nice

route of 20-plus miles. Biking and walking are my go-to exercises because they also give me a chance to clear my head after a long day. So there you have it: biking, walking, and weight training for my physical health; a balanced healthy diet for my nutritional health; and my spirituality as the cornerstone of my mental health. Next time we chat, let me know how you’re

maintaining, or improving, your well-being! Stay safe, everyone.

-LeRoy Peterson

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