YOUR HOROSCOPE for the week of September 18 to 24, 2016


ARIES You may be faced with an expense significant enough to have to review your entire budget. By doing this you’ll realize that you can afford to buy a house or treat yourself to a trip. TAURUS Lots of action in store! Friends invite you to participate in some interesting social and sporting activities on a regular basis throughout the winter. GEMINI There’s confusion in the air, especially at work. A nice family getaway will enable you to recharge your batteries, even if you have the impression that it’ll be complicated to organize everything. CANCER If you suffer from chronic tiredness, you’ll benefit from making some small changes in your lifestyle. You may also feel the need to undertake a spiritual practice. LEO You’re in an excellent position to be given a promotion at work. You’ll have success where finances are concerned and your investments will perform well despite the economic situation. VIRGO The thought of a big trip will cross your mind. You also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Thanks to some extra money coming in, a large-scale project will be organized for you alone or with your family. LIBRA You’ll get some great news about financing for one of your dreams. You should not neglect your studies if you want to succeed. SCORPIO People are counting on you. They expect you to make a decision, which you may find difficult. Try to gather together as much information as possible in order to avoid disappointing anyone. SAGITTARIUS Working too hard may result in some fluctua- tions in your weight. A huge business suc- cess will force you to take a rest afterwards. CAPRICORN You will be warmly congratulated for a brilliant achievement. You’ll be given an award or a nomination in front of a crowd of cheering people. AQUARIUS You seek the comfort of your home this week. You’ll take the opportunity to move some furniture around and you’ll be able to clear your mind at the same time. PISCES You’ll have lots to say for yourself this week. You manage to lighten the mood in any conflictual situation. Your sense of humour will enable you to establish a good understanding and build harmony between people.


ACROSS 1. Possesses 4. Be overly fond 8. Lines 12.European peak 13.Bad 14.Opera feature 15.Part of IOU 16.Hollering 18.Domestic 20.Documents 21.For what ____ worth 22.Threadbare 23.Shelley Long role 26.Botch 27.Index 30.Cropland mea- sure 31.Income 32.Small plateau 33.Adios! 34.House site 35.Soapy 36.Be next to 38.Pet’s doc 39.Broad tie 41.Stillness 45.Narrow escape: 2 wds.

47.Long in the tooth 48.Commotion: hyph. 49.Look amorously 50.Boxer or dachs- hund 51.Derive 52.Beloved one 53.Pig’s digs DOWN 1. Feeds, as horses 2. Burn reliever 3. Cowboy’s prod 4. Argue 5. Baking chambers 6. Tip slightly 7. Pipe shape 8. More inexperien- ced 9. Familiarized 10.Strong breeze 11.Slumps 17.Aroma 19.Climbing plant 22.Twisted, as a grin 23.Wipe gently 24.Cold 25.Phone numbers: 2 wds.

26.Gobble 28.Mule’s kin 29.Howl like a hound 31.Cooking utensil 32.Muffle 34.Guitarlike instru- ment 35.Merchant 37.Chest 38.Country estate 39.Drama divisions 40.Bank opening 41.Stuffing herb 42.Dozes 43.Curdle 44.Irritable 46.East Coast cape



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HOW TO PLAY : Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3x3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: You must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column, or 3x3 box.

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