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HAVE YOU EVER SUFFERED A CONCUSSION? There has been a long-standing belief that the only way for a concussion to heal is to limit a person’s movement, use of their eyes and thought process. This approach requires weeks of rest as the patient and health care provider both wait for the brain to heal from its traumatic injury. However, new research suggests that physical therapy and occupational therapy can play an important role in recovery after a concussion. Curious? Call our office and find out whether concussion therapy is right for you or your loved one. What is concussion therapy?

Most people with a concussion experience short-term symptoms including vomiting, confusion, and headaches. However, many of these symptoms persist along with: •Neck Pain •Muscle weakness •Poor balance •Visual problems •Dizziness Concussion therapy uses physical and occupational therapy processes to treat these symptoms rather than simply waiting for them to subside. This type of physical therapy typically begins once your initial concussion symptoms have subsided and The majority of the medical community came to a consensus that physical activity and cognitive stimulation (using your brain to read, watch TV learn or otherwise think) had an adverse effect on how quickly someone recovered after a concussion. However, recent research from the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy shows that starting physical therapy and occupational therapy sooner does not harm your recovery. In fact, people who have physical therapy in the first weeks after their concussion do not require any more sessions than those who wait until their symptoms become chronic. Rather than having adults wait two weeks before beginning therapy and having children wait as long as four weeks to start, new research suggests everyone could benefit from and should start physical therapy much sooner. (continued inside) continues until you see an improvement. Is concussion therapy safe?


focuses on helping you regain your balance, improve eye tracking and help you overcome any vision problems. One recent study published in the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy showed that vestibular rehabilitation not only shortens recovery time, it is safe for children who have experienced a concussion. Physical Therapy Traditional physical therapy addresses all types of movement and pain. From massage to help relieve headaches to strengthening exercises to limit muscle weakness and improve endurance, physical therapy is an essential component of recovery after a concussion. Still curious whether concussion therapy is right for you? Call Adirondack Physical and Occupational Therapy and schedule a consultation and see how our therapists can help you recover from a concussion.

(continued from outside) Concussion therapy uses both physical therapy and occupational therapy to help you get over dizziness, headaches, muscle weakness, fatigue, vision problems and poor balance. This may include any combination of the following: Occupational Therapy Many people are confused with multi-step processes after a concussion. An occupational therapist is an expert at breaking down a task into small, manageable parts. They can also help you address any leftover muscle weakness as you do the tasks of daily living. Vestibular Rehabilitation Your vestibular system controls your balance. Connecting your eyes with your muscles, this is the most commonly affected part of your brain after a concussion. Vestibular rehabilitation

Thanks for making my treatments more enjoyable and comfortable. Patient Success Spotlight

Our Occupational Therapists

Shellie Taylor, OTR/L Shellie is a 1998 graduate of Utica College with a BS in Occupational Therapy. She has experience in school and preschool based pediatrics, short term rehabilitation, and home care. Shellie also trained under a Developmental Optometrist and provides OT services for visual deficits impacting concussion rehabilitation. When not working, Michelle King, MS, OTR/L FCE Michele is a 2004 graduate of Russell Sage CollegewithaMastersDegree inOccupational Therapy. She has over 15 years of education with a specialty in hand and stroke treatment. Michele is a resident of Oswego, NY, soccer mom to 2 boys and enjoys fishing with her husband on Lake Ontario. Clark Wolf, OTR/L Clark is a 2001 graduate from Dominican College, New York with a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. Clark has over 16 years of experience in the field. Clark enjoys hunting, hiking and chasing around his 3 children. Print sudoku 1 2 2 4 4 3 7 2

Shellie enjoys hiking and biking local trails with her family.


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“ The therapists at Adirondack are very knowledgeable and friendly. I’m in on time, which is so important as my time is valuable. I always look forward to the dog visits and use of the relaxing chair. Thanks for making my treatments more enjoyable and comfortable.” – Carol L. 7 9 7 5 8 4



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Concussion Relief In Minutes Try this movement if you experienced a concussion.

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