Adirondack PT & OT: Concussion Therapy


focuses on helping you regain your balance, improve eye tracking and help you overcome any vision problems. One recent study published in the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy showed that vestibular rehabilitation not only shortens recovery time, it is safe for children who have experienced a concussion. Physical Therapy Traditional physical therapy addresses all types of movement and pain. From massage to help relieve headaches to strengthening exercises to limit muscle weakness and improve endurance, physical therapy is an essential component of recovery after a concussion. Still curious whether concussion therapy is right for you? Call Adirondack Physical and Occupational Therapy and schedule a consultation and see how our therapists can help you recover from a concussion.

(continued from outside) Concussion therapy uses both physical therapy and occupational therapy to help you get over dizziness, headaches, muscle weakness, fatigue, vision problems and poor balance. This may include any combination of the following: Occupational Therapy Many people are confused with multi-step processes after a concussion. An occupational therapist is an expert at breaking down a task into small, manageable parts. They can also help you address any leftover muscle weakness as you do the tasks of daily living. Vestibular Rehabilitation Your vestibular system controls your balance. Connecting your eyes with your muscles, this is the most commonly affected part of your brain after a concussion. Vestibular rehabilitation

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