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Life Enrichment Activities for Assisted Living Residents ASSISTED LIVING ACTIVITIES

CRAFT CLUB Life Enrichment is excited to feature

All residents are encouraged to participate in weekly morning and afternoon activities with Life Enrichment. These include, but are not limited to, crafts, hallway games, brain and physical games, bingo, card club, dice games, manicures, and coupon redemption cart. Games will be held at typically at 10am and 1:15pm, please watch your weekly Grapevine for the location.

“Village Woods Pumpkin Trucks” for September’s Assisted Living Craft Club. To make your own, join us Wednesday,

September 7, at 10:00am on the 3rd floor .

COUPON REDEMPTION CART Coupon Redemption will be held on Tuesday, September 27, beginning

GAMES Feel free to use the assortment of games located in the Game Room TV cabinet. The cabinet has been labeled “Game Cabinet” for your convenience. We ask that when you are finished, you put all pieces back in the game’s box and return the box to the provided cabinet. If you need assistance, please call or stop by the Life Enrichment Department. GENERAL STORE As a reminder, even though the store is not physically open, feel free to contact Life Enrichment. To request items for purchase, please call ext. 1132 to do so.

at 1:15pm . Life Enrichment will bring Coupon Redemption on-the-go to Assisted Living residents. We will go room-to-room starting on the 3rd floor and will make our way down to 2nd floor. Please be patient as we try to accommodate everyone. Residents may use the green coupons, received through participation in activities, to purchase hygiene items, bagged candy, and snack foods! (708) 672-6111 | | 2681 Route 394 | Crete, IL 60417


HYMN SINGS WITH CHAPLAIN MARK Join Chaplain Mark for Hymn Sing at 2:30pm on Mondays in the 3rd Floor Dining Room .

RESIDENT MEETING Due to Illinois Department of Health guidelines, Assisted Living residents will continue to receive a monthly questionnaire until further notice. This questionnaire will be due back to Life Enrichment no later than Monday, September 12 . The

compliments, questions, and concerns gathered will be presented in the Resident Meeting minutes.

MANICURES Residents are invited to enjoy a manicure a few times during the month in the 3rd floor Dining Room . All

WELL-BEING All Assisted Living residents are encouraged to join in on the fitness opportunities available! In addition, if you need to schedule time to work out in the gym, please contact Andrew at ext. 1130, and he would be happy to make the necessary arrangements. Fitness Center Hours:

supplies are provided by Life Enrichment. Please watch your weekly calendars for the dates and times. MEN’S CLUB All male residents are invited to join Chaplain Mark a few Fridays this month at 1:30pm in the 3rd Floor Dining Room . Come for some time of fellowship with other male residents of Village Woods! Watch your weekly Grapevines for this month’s date! NATIONAL ASSISTED LIVING WEEK During the week of September 11, Life Enrichment will host a week-long Assisted Living

y Monday: 12:00pm to 3:00pm y Tuesday: 7:00am to 11:30am

y Wednesday: 7:00am to 3:00pm (1:30pm to 2:30pm for Assisted Living residents only) y Thursday: 7:00am to 11:30am Assisted Living Class Schedule: y Monday: Healthy Hands at 2:00pm on 3rd Floor y Tuesday: Sit & Be Strong at 9:30am y Wednesday: Sit & Be Strong at 9:30am and Open Gym from 1:30 to 2:30pm y Thursday: Sit & Be Strong at 9:30am

Week celebration! This year’s theme is apples, and the week will include special themed activities and snacks! Be sure to join in the fun! (708) 672-6111 | | 2681 Route 394 | Crete, IL 60417


We take Dog Days of Summer very seriously around here! Several staff members brought their furry family

members in for a visit! We don’t know who enjoyed it more, the residents or the dogs! (708) 672-6111 | | 2681 Route 394 | Crete, IL 60417

3 (708) 672-6111 | | 2681 Route 394 | Crete, IL 60417


Chaplain Mark’s Chatroom

to go back to stave off a major disaster that would involve saving a huge number of people. What if we could go back before September 11, 2001, and the disaster of the commercial planes crashing into the World Trade Towers in New York and prevent that from happening? Or warn the people of New Orleans that the hurricane heading their way would nearly destroy the city and thousands would die and thus save countless lives? Or prevent many other terrible events. Alas, no time machine exists. We can’t go back and change anything from the past, either in our personal lives or in the lives of others. But …don’t you love it when you’re watching a television show or movie and the situation is so dire, all looks hopeless, but …someone or something shows up or occurs that saves the day?! It thus appears that when it comes to time travel, we have a “but.” No, I (you) can’t go back in time and change anything, but I (you) can make choices now that will change the future! You and I can’t go backward in time, but in a real sense, we can travel forward in time! After all, our lives are comprised of all the choices we made throughout our life that has led us to this very moment. The same principle applies to the future. As John Maxwell, an author, has stated, “I can’t go back and make a new beginning, but I can begin today and make a new end.” When you think about it, many people who are now famous did exactly that. Steve Jobs, who founded Apple, a company worth over a trillion dollars, got kicked out of the company by Apple’s board in 1985. Steve couldn’t go back

TIME MACHINE In the last 30-plus years, we have seen numerous movies about traveling back and forth through time. Many of these include a time device of some sort, be it a DeLorean automobile in the Back to the Future trilogy with Michael J. Fox to technological devices in the recent Marvel’s Superheroes movie Infinity War: Endgame . Most of the time it’s about traveling back in time to fix or resolve something wrong in the current time. As I come upon a very special date involving my parents, I find myself doing what perhaps every single person does, especially here in our older years: reminiscing. And attached to this reminiscing is the fantasizing of being able to go back in time. So, if you did have a time machine and you could go back in time for a brief period and you could only use the time machine once , when and where would you go? Far more importantly, what would be the reason or purpose for going back? We can guess a lot of “spur-of-the- moment” desires. When we first got married and the honeymoon thereafter, the birth of a first child, how we would approach that first career/ job decision, how we would begin handling our finances, how we might have saved a loved one from a preventable loss, where we would choose to live out our lives, and the list goes on. But what if we had more time to think far more deeply about that choice? Then we might choose something far more important than anyone or anything in our personal life. We might choose (708) 672-6111 | | 2681 Route 394 | Crete, IL 60417


and change his life, but he could go forward by making the choices that would change his future. That’s precisely what he did. He started a new computer company, and this led him to be a co- founder of Pixar, a company that would invent computer-animated third dimensional films. Their first film, Toy Story , hit movie screens in 1995, and Pixar would go on and prove to be a media powerhouse. Two years later, Apple rehired him as CEO. Jobs, along with a talented tech team, would change the world, coming up with the first significant smart phone, then the iPad, then dramatically new iMac desktops and laptop computers, and well, we know the rest of the story. In the Bible, Jesus gives people, especially His followers, the chance to travel forward in time. We find it in Matthew 25. Because everyone is made in God’s image, we all are accountable for the way we live via the choices we make. Here in Matthew 25, Jesus foretells the future. He says that there among the throngs of earth are people to whom He will say, “For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was without clothes, and you clothed me. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me. The people who had done these things are surprised. When they helped people in the way Jesus described, Jesus was not among them. Then Jesus tells them, “I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!”

The people who blessed others in all these ways by choosing to assist them were not aware that they were traveling forward in time. By blessing others in these things, they were truly blessing Jesus, who always aligns Himself with the needy, the poor, the suffering, the sick, and those who are looked down upon by culture. So, you and I can travel in a time machine after all! We can do the things Jesus speaks to us, and by doing so we will hear His praise and receive His rewards in glory. There are plenty of opportunities to help others here at Village Woods. We just must choose to do so, and when we do, we’re time travelers after all! Catholic Communion Join Jeanette from St. Liborius Church for Catholic Communion Tuesday mornings beginning at 10:30am on the 4th floor . Watch your weekly Grapevine for specifics regarding dates and location. Sunday Church Services Residents are invited to tune in to Channel 4 on their apartment TV each Sunday at 10am and 7pm for an hour of worship. The rotation of church services includes: First Reformed Church of South Holland, Bethel Christian Reformed Church of Lansing, and Zion-Lutheran of Beecher. For Catholic Mass, tune in to Channel 9 at 9:30am or Channel 32 at 11am each Sunday morning. (708) 672-6111 | | 2681 Route 394 | Crete, IL 60417


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