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Dr. Mary Stedman, M.D. has been successfully completing clinical research studies in the Tampa Bay area since 1997. Taking her clinical research experience and combining it with her extensive pharmaceutical knowledge, she has developed one of the region’s most respected clinical research sites. Currently, she serves as the medical director and principal investigator of Stedman Clinical Trials while continuing to maintain an independent private practice.

a wide range of cases: • Alzheimer’s Disease • Depression • Schizophrenia • Osteoarthritis • Adult ADHD • Bipolar Disorder • Memory Loss • Memory Screenings • Depression Screenings

Education: BA, Pharmacy- University of Florida, Gainesville MD- University of South Florida, Tampa Residency: Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry, University of South Florida, Tampa What Are Clinical Trials Clinical trials are research studies on new drugs or new treatments sponsored by government institutions or pharmaceutical companies. These new drugs and treatments are the latest advances in medicine, but have not yet been approved by the FDA to market. They may have been prescribed for the treatment of one diagnosis and are now being studied for another diagnosis. Our staff will closely monitor each participant with medical evaluations throughout the entire trial and there is never a charge for these services, as the cost is paid by the sponsor of the trial. Our team has been conducting clinical studies in the Tampa Bay area for fifteen years. Our core values of honesty, integrity, and the search for empirical knowledge drive everything we do. We look forward to serving you.

Here at Stedman Clinical Trials, one of the most common diseases that we deal with in our patient population is Alzheimer’s Disease

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