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What Does That Mean to You This 4th of July?

The Fourth of July is quite the holiday in our community. We all celebrate the freedoms so many have dedicated their lives to protecting. There are always a host of events, which is what makes the holiday so special in our area. It reminds us at LIST Birmingham how much our work really does matter, even in the smallest ways. We’re not simply connecting a buyer and a seller. We’re introducing a new family to a home and community to cherish for years to come. I’m a veteran, and to see everyone so jovial and patriotic is special. “The Star-Spangled Banner” is on my son Bram’s playlist, and he chooses it often. You may see the freedoms we exercise in the little things we do, especially during the holidays through traditions in your neighborhood. Here in Birmingham, all sorts of events are going on; it’s an eventful day for us. Our church, Our Lady of Sorrows, will be hosting its 70th Annual Independence Day Festival. The charitable fundraiser will include barbecue, games, a raffle, and the popular Trash and Treasure rummage sale. One of our favorites is the mayor of Homewood always volunteers for the dunking booth. Our next stop is a Festivus celebration at a friend’s house. If you have seen the “Seinfeld” episodes, you know it is a Christmas holiday, but my crazy friend makes it a Fourth of July event. He has a pool with a huge water slide for the kids, games, and tons of food. “You may see the freedoms we exercise in the little things we do, especially during the holidays through traditions in your neighborhood.” From there, the whole family commutes to the The Club to watch the fireworks display from atop Red Mountain. During the ride over, you can tune into any radio station and find patriotic music. While you may not know every song or artist, everyone’s dedication to the holiday is remarkable. Growing up, the Fourth of July was always a fun time for us, so it’s nice to see our son continue to enjoy the same fun today. This area is a perfect fit for us and has such a positive impact on my family and neighbors.

The Club is a fantastic place. Sitting atop Red Mountain, it is filled

with restaurants and organizes a variety of events throughout the year including

a New Year’s event, a big

family Christmas event, an Easter luncheon, and a Mother’s Day

brunch. Every year in Birmingham, a huge

fireworks display lights the sky over Vulcan statue; it’s

such a huge display that you can capture a prime view of it from any parking lot in the vicinity. The Club is one of the best places to see the show.

By the end of it all, you’re exhausted to say the least, but a great time is had by all. Even if you’re not into fireworks like we are (due to the stress it can put on pets), we at LIST Birmingham want to work to find not only the right home for you but also a community that suits your needs and interests. For more information on how we can find a neighborhood for you, please give me a call at 205-223-6192 or visit our website anytime at, and I’ll be excited to start this journey with you.

–Melvin Upchurch


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SUMMER SWIMMING SAFETY 3 Tips for Swimming in Open Water


There’s nothing like taking a dip in a nearby pond, lake, or even the ocean. For many, it’s a summertime tradition. However, swimming in open bodies of water brings certain safety risks, as these environments are not nearly as controlled as public, club, or backyard pools. Everyone should follow these tips to have a fun and safe time cooling off under the summer sun.


When you swim in virtually any body of water, having someone there to keep an eye on you can be a lifesaver: the more people, the better. Stick to bodies of water with a professional lifeguard on duty when possible, though that’s not always an option. When swimming in open bodies of water, have a “designated spotter” to keep an eye on the swimmers. This way, you’re prepared if anything bad happens. It’s also a great idea to keep flotation devices nearby, such as life jackets, life rings, foam boards, etc. Sometimes, it’s next to impossible to see what’s under the surface of the water. If you are unfamiliar with a body of water, don’t jump or dive in without knowing how deep it is. If you cannot confirm what is under the surface (and the spot is not a known diving location), don’t risk it. It may be okay to swim or wade, but jumping is out of the question. Along these same lines, be VERY careful around bodies of slow-moving or standing water. These can house dangerous microbes and other contaminants that can make you ill and potentially be deadly. KNOWWHAT YOU’RE GETTING INTO

Ever since Netflix changed the way we consume movies and TV shows at home, studios have been locked in a streaming war. Amazon Prime and Hulu shook up the scene, along with more niche services like CBS All Access, DC Universe, and Crunchyroll. Is there room for one more? Disney seems to think so, and their new service is shaping up to be the king of streaming.


Disney has always prided itself on its family-friendly brand. This is the first major perk of their new streaming service, Disney+. There will be no R-rated films or TV-MA television shows anywhere on the platform. This is a great relief for parents who have had to deal with their kids accidentally navigating away from“Peppa Pig” videos on YouTube and finding more adult content. Keep in mind that “family-friendly” doesn’t mean limited. Disney+ boasts a massive offering of original content, such as the live-action “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian” and “Loki,” a show starring everyone’s favorite trickster god. There will also be live-action remakes of Disney animated classics alongside original movies, including a Christmas movie starring Anna Kendrick. New isn’t always better, which is why Disney+ will also house decades’ worth of classic content. Every single movie in the Disney catalog will be available on the service, from“SnowWhite and the Seven Dwarves” to “Frozen 2.” All “Star Wars”movies and Marvel movies will also become available along with over 5,000 episodes of old Disney Channel shows.


These can occur at any beach without warning. They pull swimmers away from shore and are strong enough that even excellent swimmers struggle to get through them. In fact, rip currents are behind nearly 80% of

beach rescues. Keep an eye on the foam at the surface of the water. If it seems to suddenly

pull away from the beach, there’s a good chance a rip current is lurking beneath. If you find yourself in a rip current, it’s crucial to remain calm and avoid expending energy swimming directly back to shore. Instead, try swimming parallel to the shore until you’re out of the current.


That depends entirely on your family. If you don’t care for Disney, don’t waste your money. However, if you share a soft spot for classic Disney movies, enjoy new Marvel content, or secretly long to rewatch every episode of “Kim Possible,”Disney+ might be the streaming service you’ve been waiting for.

Disney+ launches in the United States on Nov. 12, 2019. Visit Preview. to get notifications. Happy binge-watching!

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Amid the devastation of the wildfires that tore through California in the fall of 2017, a few heroic tales rose up to give people hope. One such tale was of Odin, a loyal Great Pyrenees guard dog. Along with his sister, Tessa, and eight rescue goats, Odin is part of the Hendel family. It was mid-October when the Hendels were awoken by the smell of smoke, a fierce orange sky, and sounds of destruction — urgent warnings from Mother Nature. Gathering everyone as quickly as they could, the Hendels got their human family members and Tessa in the car, but Odin, seated proudly next to the eight goats, refused to get in. Try as they might, the Hendels could not get him to come with them, and there wasn’t enough room in the car for the eight goats. With the firestorm quickly approaching and the risk of losing even more family members increasing with each passing minute, the Hendels made the heart-wrenching decision to leave Odin and the goats behind. The family made it to safety with Tessa in tow, relieved to be together but heartbroken that Odin and the goats weren’t with them. After several agonizing days, it was finally safe enough for them to return home and survey the destruction. What did the Hendels find? Ashes, rubble, their barn and home burned to the ground — and Odin. There he was, still guarding his eight goats and some small deer who’d sought shelter with the brave canine. Weakened, burned, and limping, but nevertheless steadfast, Odin had never left his goats, even as the fire raged

around them. Odin wagged his tail as he saw his family, happy to see they were also safe. The Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and the Goatlandia Animal Sanctuary provided temporary shelter for the goats and pups while the Hendels rebuilt their

barn. Odin received all the care he needed, along with a lot of love and treats. Today, Odin and his goats are back with

their family, rebuilding their lives after this devastating wildfire. But the Hendels, and anyone who’s heard the story, won’t soon forget the bravery of Odin, the amazing pup.



Inspired by Bon Appétit Magazine


2 lbs. ground chuck beef, 20% lean

16 small potato rolls, toasted

8 slices melting cheese (like American, Swiss, Muenster, or cheddar)

Salt and pepper, to taste

Your favorite burger accompaniments



Divide beef into 16 evenly sized balls.

2. Rip cheese into roughly equal pieces, creating 16 equal portions. 3. Using your index finger, create a small indentation in each ball. 4. Fill indention with cheese and pinch meat around to seal. Then gently form balls into 3/4-inch- thick patties. Season patties. 5. Meanwhile, heat a cast-iron skillet to medium-high. 6. Lightly coat skillet with oil and cook patties in batches. Brown one side undisturbed, about 3 minutes. Carefully flip and cook until desired doneness, about 3 minutes for medium. 7. Serve on toasted potato rolls with your favorite accompaniments.

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4th of July Traditions in Your Community


Disney Enters the Streaming War 3 Things to Know Before Swimming in Open Water


A Tail of Bravery Juicy Lucy Sliders


The Madden Curse


Truth, Lies, and Superstition

There is no urban legend in the world of modern video games as well- documented as the so-called “Madden Curse.”The curse cover spot of the popular NFL video game “Madden NFL,” formerly known as “John Madden Football.” While the games date back to 1988, the curse is said to originate with the revolves around the highly sought-after

in the rumor gaining traction. Soon, the idea that the game’s seemingly innocent cover could have devastating effects on a player’s career was widespread. Once a substantial honor in the world of football, the Madden cover spot has become one of the sport’s most feared superstitions for fans. The players, however, seem to find the correlation more amusing than scary. Most of the athletes in contention for the spot still consider it to be a great honor, choosing to brush off the rumors as coincidence. Despite the ambivalence of many players, there does seem to be a correlation between the cover and player issues. Of the 22 players who have been featured on the cover, 16 of them have suffered from significant issues in the season that followed. While the causes varied, with severe injuries, contract disputes, and personal issues all afflicting different players, something about the spotlight appears to have disturbed the powers that be. In fact, sometimes these issues occur shortly after the game is released in stores. Whatever the true cause, the curse seems to have taken a dip in recent years. Only one of the last five players has been affected, a stat that bodes well for this year’s star: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The real answer probably lies somewhere between fact and fiction. The increased pressure of national attention is bound to make players tense up every once in a while, and in a game as physical as football, any distraction can end in disaster.

1999 version. Garrison Hearst, a popular running back at the time, broke his ankle shortly after being featured on the cover of the 1999 edition. This was the first in a long line of injuries and personal issues that resulted

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