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And Living My Dream From High School

The first time I ever considered pursuing a career in law was back in high school after participating in a mock trial. While I became very interested in the subject, the idea of becoming an attorney was more of a dream than anything. I entered college with the plan of pursuing a career that required postgraduate studies. I enrolled in the dental program at The University of Texas–Pan American but realized rather quickly that it wasn’t for me; I wasn’t passionate about it. During my sophomore year, I received a phone call that would change my life. Mr. Garcia, a family friend, asked if I’d like to spend the day at his office. Though I was not yet seriously considering law school, the interest had never left. I agreed and thanked Mr. Garcia for the opportunity. Seeing firsthand and in person what attorneys do hooked me instantly. I knew this was exactly what I wanted and where I wanted my life to go. After spending the day at the firm, I asked if there was anything I could do to return and help around the office, which led to me spending the rest of my summers interning and helping in any way possible. Some days were spent moving things in the storage room, while others were spent taking notes and assisting the staff with their work. No job was too big or too small. I was just happy to be around what I knew was the profession of my dreams. I graduated from UTPA and moved to San Antonio to attend St. Mary’s School of Law, returning to clerk for Mr. Garcia every summer and winter break. In the years I’ve been at or around the firm, I’ve witnessed Mr. Garcia, Mr. Ochoa, and the rest of their incredible staff work diligently for their clients. Their passion, creativity, and “never give up” attitude inspired me throughout my studies. It moved me to want to help people just as they did. The team at

Garcia & Ochoa treat one another like family, and as a family, they encouraged and supported me through my entire journey. After graduating from law school, I took the bar exam but came up short by less than 10 points — twice. I received nothing but support from everyone at the firm. They gave me advice, shoulders to lean on, ears to vent to, and more. Not many firms would have showed the patience or understanding that Garcia & Ochoa did. When the good news arrived in late October 2019, the firm celebrated just as hard as anyone else in my life. Now, I’ve been sworn in and take on responsibilities I was so used to watching others do — it’s still surreal. I get excited about every aspect of this field, even the most mundane tasks, much to the amusement of my fellow teammates. My enthusiasm stems from how happy I am to be here and that I can now do so much more for our clients The most rewarding aspect of becoming a lawyer is the chance to help others. Unfortunately, in this field, we often meet people because they’ve suffered a tragedy. My job and, more importantly, my passion is to be there for anyone who seeks our help and to reassure them that people who care for them are fighting for their rights. They do not have to face these situations alone. We’re here to hopefully provide some form of stability during a difficult time. I’m thrilled to have worked with everyone at Garcia & Ochoa for as long as I have, and I look forward to continuing my journey with them and fighting for and supporting our clients far into the future.

Romeo Rendon

“My job and, more importantly, my passion is to be there for anyone who seeks our help and to reassure them that people who care for them are fighting for their rights.”

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