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In the current climate, glass processors are evaluating production methods with a critical eye on safety, manpower and monetary advantages for their business.

The HEGLA team always considers product flow and space when creating a floor plan for any factory. The applications vary across a glass production floor but fundamentally these will be used for handling oversized or heavy glass at Cutting, Toughening and Insulating Glass lines whilst also being utilised for dispatch and multiple applications within glass processing facilities. Crane System The crane steel structure, for holding the vacuum lifters, is dependent on height, the space available and are installed to cover the following manufacturing requirements: • Jib cranes work from a single post requiring minimal floor space area. These are compact and restricted to a 270 degree reach of around 5 – 6m, which is not ideal for all applications but they will fit into limited space. • Floor mounted post systems can be set out with a matrix of legs situated as required to cover a larger area. These can be used for single or multiple machines and in some instances large dispatch areas where heavy finished products may need trans shipping. • Another benefit to the HEGLA systems is that it is also possible to mount the systems from existing overhead crane posts and roof sections, which gives a clear floor space but these are much less common

Evaluating production methods to optimise the flow of production is essential, particularly in the cur-rent economic climate. This is where the HEGLA team excels, by providing effective solutions at realistic costs. Those looking to redesign an existing work area or are planning a new site can be secure with the lifting systems available in the range that provide exceptional safety standards. The tailored HEGLA solutions will improve bottom lines through streamlining production with the most suitable machinery and systems. Looking at glass handling, across any production facility it has to provide quality guarantees. With this in mind, HEGLA has complete solutions for lifting, with a multi-range of cranes and vacuum lifters that come with either chain hoist or cylinder lift. A customer’s preferred choice of system will be dependent on the available space and application type, but in all cases the safety of the operator is paramount during production.



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