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As online search becomes ever more dominant, the hard work to improve that particular area of your business should also be done now. Too many times we as an industry are reactive rather than proactive. Why wait until the drop happens to spring into action? It would be too late by that point and the damage will already have started. It takes weeks, months even, to see effects from any new marketing activities. Do the work now, put in the effort at this stage and then see the fruits of your labour in the months ahead. It’s very easy to lay back now and watch the work come in but it won’t always be this easy. With every boom there is a slowdown, that should be remembered. Right now, business is free-flowing and the public is happy to spend quite large sums without much hesitation. But the maths behind that means that cannot last forever, and as things tighten up, persuading people to continue to part with their money will become less easy. This is where effective marketing and lead generation becomes incredibly valuable, and planning for that scenario has to start now. The fenestration sector has to continue to be proactive.

Marketing plans at the ready One of the areas that Sian brought up in the stream was marketing and SEO. The aim being to increase the visibility, presence and lead generation of a company now, rather than wait until the drop happens, at which point it would be too late. And she is absolutely correct. As busy as everyone in fenestration is right now, with the securing of product and deliveries the single most important subject at this present time for many, time should also be found to focus on your marketing plans that have an impact in the months and years to come. That includes SEO.


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