value of £800 otherwise they wouldn’t entertain her. Another said they wouldn’t even bother coming out for one window. It was clear she was feeling frustrated at being rebuffed in quite a blunt manner. The rough prices given over the phone were also catching her by surprise. Instead of explaining why things are more expensive than people might have imagined, and why they were being selective about what work they do, they just shut the conversation down, which

The fenestration sector has always done a decent job of communicating and talking to itself. The one area I think we always let ourselves down on is communication with the general public. We advertise. We do TV and online advertising fairly well. But we don’t actually do a good job of showing and explaining what we actually do in our sector. That is becoming evident to me in my daily conversations with customers. And it was a phone call with a customer yesterday which highlighted this point to me. Fenestration needs to explain why A client rang me on the phone yesterday in need of a price for a single window. She was quite frustrated in her dealings with other companies. She explained one told her that they had imposed a minimum order

irritated the client. This was not the right way to deal with this person. When I spoke to her, I explained what the current situation was with regards to demand and supply in our sector and construction in general, what impact it was having on delivery and installation times and why prices for one window were higher than she thought they might have been. Once that was communicated to her, and she felt like her time was being valued, she was much happier. All it takes is communication. When I have been speaking with customers over the past few weeks they are not really aware of the problems and why it is causing the effects they are. They know our sector is busy, as all trades are busy. But they don’t know why, and they don’t know the problems being experienced in the supply chain and they don’t know why prices are rising so far and so fast. However,



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