As someone once said, “not all positive changes feel that positive at the beginning.”

I suppose that depends upon the audience, people’s attitudes to changing and what is the subject matter. It will how-ever, affect a business. Many industries have lived with the security of the ‘good old’ familiar, but look where that got Gold-en Wonder, Apple Newton and Edsel. People can get too comfortable when they think they fully grasp everything about a given topic. They feel safe. Throw something new into the pot and insecurity sets in. Particularly, if it makes clear and evident sense to adapt to alternative methods. The familiar and once secure now has unfamiliar variables for some, that can’t be defined so fear of failure pollutes their strategy. A lot of people positively loathe change and the disruption it brings to the ‘norm’, with its prospect bringing about severe heart palpitations. Stand back!…. as these types don’t think of change as a force for good, but rather they will fight it. Aggressive and assertive claims alongside violently opposed criticisms will be made, but this is actually a very telling reaction. We are all in a constant state of change and nothing ever stays the same. Standing still is the surest way to fail and the most dangerous course of action. The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!

For centuries monarchies have made that announcement to herald change. Just as people are then re-assured that continuity and support is still there, albeit in a different way, so too is the business world adapting to the positive change that digital and the IoT is bringing. A successful business and its marketing strategy, actually, is rather like a monarchy - it carefully navigates the ups and downs that arise. A business is also like a relationship and it needs nurturing and taking to new places when required, or simply because something is new and exciting.


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