engaging, up-to-the-minute content. These urge the reader to continue by opening up interaction and participation, right there and then. Decisions and business happen - there and then. A corporate brand should align with an owner’s values and any actions should reflect those. They should be clear and powerful - the change must bring in new messages. Communicating is crucial in strengthening any relationship, but virtual networking and collaborating with others is now vital to strengthening a company and its brands. Thanks to the expanding digital landscape, there are many ways now to network virtually with professionals in the industry. Grab the digital world and have virtual lunch or coffee dates with customers; take part in online industry events and webinars; every opportunity to network or engage in virtual chats or special events should be put as a priority, to strengthen a business. If campaigns lack the purpose of uplifting a brand and getting noticed, in the digital world then it’s pretty much going to fail. Fundamentally, marketing is meant to communicate the value a business can provide. What needs of others can it meet? How are things done differently from competitors? They also need to be a little light - so sharing a bit of personality will also set the tone of your brand and get it noticed.

brand with the key relationships that support it. Brand recognition relies upon professionalism, consistency, integrity, and straight talking which will give others confidence that they will want to work with a firm. For example how many inconsistencies would you tolerate with a supplier before you move on to an- other brand? Consistency means everything and remaining so, means living the brand every, single day. The more promises you can deliver on, then the stronger your brand value will become. The digital world helps to reinforce consistency across a myriad of platforms. In the digital world more complex and powerful conversations are taking place on the back of



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