Turomas presents the first model of autonomous cutting table for 6 - metre glass, thus completing its range of machinery with automatic loading system - VA. Its innovative design meets the loading, cutting and automatic unloading needs of the most demanding customers, ensuring maximum productivity and automation in the smallest possible space. Illustration 1.RUBI 406VA - 6m Glass Cutting Table Since the first automatic glass loading system was launched in the 1980s, TUROMAS has continued to work on the improvement and development of this technology. Knowledge and experience that have made it possible for us to be pioneers today in launching the solution for loading 6m glass from the cutting table itself. Absolute return with minimum investment. The lack of sufficient infrastructure is a handicap for medium-sized glass processors, which is why it is essential to make the best possible use of resources, achieving the greatest possible coordination and efficiency in the plant. In the new RUBI 406VA model, the automatic loader is integrated into the structure of the cutting table itself, optimising the loading, positioning, cutting and evacuation processes in just 35 m2. Illustration 2. New TUROMAS loading system integrated in the RUBI 406VA cutting table. Solving the four processes in the same space means extensive economic and logistical benefits for the customer. On the one hand, economic savings by not having to assume the cost of purchasing and installing an automatic loader. And, on the other hand, optimisation of the space in the plant by dispensing with the need for additional equipment to load the glass. New loading system: more robust, more reliable, faster. The loading arms have been redesigned and upgraded to incorporate a new instantaneous separation system that puts an end to the problems associated with the glass sheet separation process.

With this new design, the speed and loading time are significantly improved, reducing loading time to a minimum without compromising safety in any way. The entire feeding cycle is carried out in a progressive and smooth manner, eliminating breakage due to collisions and the possibility of accidents. In addition to the revolutionary loading system, the design of the RUBI 406VA has been specially reinforced to make it possible to cut glass of any thickness, to decoat Low-E, TPF and EASYPRO® glass and to label every single piece, guaranteeing high performance and cutting quality. Main features Among the main features that set it apart is the 4tool cutting head that guarantees a perfect cut for any thickness, including 25 millimetre thickness. This system incorporates four individual, automatically selectable cutting tools, each with its own cutting wheel, independent lubrication system and pressure cylinder specifically dimensioned for its cutting range.



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