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Independence - n. freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. July is a beloved time of celebration for the independence of our nation. In addition to celebrating the freedom of the United States, we at Spa City Therapy also celebrate a special independence day that began on July 4, 2002. I had been working as a director for a hospital’s outpatient PT department in Hot Springs, until April of 2002 when the time was right to start my own physical therapy clinic. I had three months to figure out all of the details of starting this business. As I continued the search for a location for my practice, the time was growing short. I decided that I needed to work a part-time job as I continued to look for a place to start my business. I set up an interview with a hospital home health program, and when

I walked into the office for my interview I noticed a “For Lease” sign on the door. I called the number on the sign, and the very next day I signed the lease agreement for the space. It took six weeks to prepare the space for opening, then, on July 4, 2002, I saw my first patient, Mrs. Hayes, as the owner of Spa City Therapy. This day was so special because it was the day I became my own boss, began following my own dream, rather than working toward someone else’s. It wasn’t quite the Boston Tea Party, but it was a very special event for myself and my family. This year as you celebrate the freedom we experience in this nation, use that freedom to chase a dream of your own!

Misspelled Mania Find the misspelled word in this newsletter and call for your chance to win! First five callers win a FREE DEEP TISSUE LASER THERAPY Screen and Treatment CALL 501-525-2273 Contest for past and present patients only. Please allow 60 days if you have won a prize for the Misspelled Mania. Thank you!

-Lee Sowerbutts


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