Chilli Ideas

CHIL4539 Drawstring backpack Edita A backpack that has a zipper front pocket, padded back with zipper compartment, padded shoulder straps, waist and breast strap. Has a very unique design. Material: tarpaulin, tarp. Size: 480 x 340 x 145 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL3971 Laptop backpack Mael Rollover backpack with an innovative closing system. Has a large main compartment with hanging zipper pocket, padded 15” notebook compartment, 2 zippered front pockets, padded back and straps and a handle. Material: polyester. Size: 440 x 300 x 140 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL1995 Backpack Ferial Light courier backpack with large zipper main compartment and reinforced base. Has an innovative zipper front pocket to be opened one or two-sided, lateral mesh pouches and handle. Fits most 13”. Material: polyester, mini ripstop. Size: 560 x 285 x 135 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL6691 Courier backpack Janae The backpack provides pleasingly comfortable pads at the front, bottom, at the rear and on the shoulder straps. Has a striking front pocket with the zippers on both sides. Material: cotton. Size: 400 x 310 x 100 mm. Packing: bulk.


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