Chilli Ideas

CHIL1685 Espresso cup set Adahy Espresso set with an interesting design that will bring joy for anyone who use it. Every piece (80 ml) has a slight different type of color. Presented in a gift box. Dishwasher safe. Material: ceramic. Size: 139 x 139 x 70 mm. Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL5693 Glass set Galeno Two-piece glass set (2 x 250 ml) for hot and cold drinks. Coasters can also serve as small trays for any sweets to go with your drink. These will look perfect in bistros or restaurants. Material: glass, bamboo. Size: 180 x 95 x 145 mm. Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL9794 Mug Dalia Porcelain mug, volume 380 ml, with groove for tea-bag wringing. This detail makes the mug a special one designed for tea places. But also can be used at home. Material: porcelain. Size: ΓΈ87 x 94 mm. Packing: bulk.


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