Chilli Ideas

CHIL6103 Mug Eden Porcelain mug with hydroglaze, suitable for sandblasting, volume 460ml. Suit for coffee, tea, milk or hot chocolate. Well balanced and comfortable in your hand. Material: porcelain. Size: ø95 x 100 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL1188 Mug Gajijens There’s plenty of room between the handle and cup itself, with the well-shade handle, so is comfortable in the hand. Best idea for your family and friends as housewarming gift. Volume 320 ml. Material: porcelain. Size: ø81 x 98 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL5335 Mug Felicity Designed to resemble vintage enamelware mugs. Safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher. A stylish addition to your kitchen’s decor. Volume 360 ml. Material: ceramics. Size: ø88 x 84 mm. Packing: bulk

CHIL1148 Mug Kamber A special mug with an atypically design being more taller than other mugs. Has a matte finish and a minimalistic look. Volume 250 ml. Material: stoneware. Size: ø70 x 115 mm. Packing: bulk.


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