Chilli Ideas

CHIL7984 Travel mug Ganit This mug has a screw closure which makes it hermetic. It also has a comfortable plastic handle and a non-slip bottom. Between the mug’s walls is a vacuum space what keeps temperature up to 13 hours. Material: metal, plastic. Size: ø82 x 147 mm. Packing: individual white box.

CHIL2306 Double wall tumbler Felice The trendy and unusual mug due to the special design for cold drinks is double-walled, features a straw and has a capacity of 500 ml. Perfect for a smoothie in the morning. Material: stainless steel. Size: 224 x 101.75 x 224 mm. Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL5835 Double wall tumbler Kalyca Travel cup with double structure body, lid and non-slip in the base. The capacity is up to 310 ml. If you are looking for a lightweight, portable cup for drinks then our mug is your best choice! Material: stainless steel, PP. Size: ø73 x 144 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL1588 Double wall mug Caitir A mug for your morning coffee. Has the shape of a regular one but with a lid, so you can take it with you at work or at school. Also, you can fill it at coffee shop instead of a plastic cup. Volume 350 ml. Material: metal. Size: ø97 x 111 mm. Packing: individual paper box.


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