Chilli Ideas

CHIL2299 Sport bottle Jamon Leakproof water bottle that it comes with a holding strap and a hand loop for an easy carry. Perfect to be taken with you anywhere and also sustainable. Volume 440 ml. Material: borosilicate glass, ABS plastic, polypropylene. Size: 69 x 202 x 69 mm. Packing: individual cardboard box.

CHIL7275 Sport bottle Ignacia The flow bottle can be carrying easily due to the silicone strap. Can be taken at gym, on a bike or simply in your ever day life. Presented in a gift box for special occasions. Volume 650 ml. Material: tritan, polyester, silicone. Size: 240 x ΓΈ75 mm. Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL4429 Bottle Adil Water bottle with an elegant design suitable for many

enviroments like coffee shops, bistros, beauty centers and many more. Volume 1000 ml / 500 ml. Material: frosted glass, stainless steel. Size: 89 x 324 mm / 76 x 253 mm. Packing: individual cardboard box.


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