Chilli Ideas


CHIL7110 Bluetooth earphones Edwina Wireless 4.1 earphones with handsfree function. Scope 10 meters. 5MW Power. Autonomy of use approximately 2 hours. Material: ABS. Size: 70 x 70 x 30 mm. Packing: individual plastic box.


CHIL6232 Bluetooth earphones Fergie Bluetooth earphones with microphone that includes a charging cable. Rechargeable battery. Playing time approx. 2 hours. Operating range: 2m. Material: plastic, rubber. Size: 105 x 35 x 19 mm. Packing: individual plastic box.

CHIL6729 Zip earphone Damilola These earphones don’t only look good they offer a great listening experience with comfort fit. Built to last, these earphones offer high quality material for use in any situation. Material: ABS, PVC, aluminum. Size: 1100 mm. Packing: bulk.


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