Chilli Ideas

CHIL2665 Phone wallet Baki Smartphone card holder with sticker on back and smartphone holder. No more needed for a purse. Just put your credit cards, IDs and some cash in the card and you’re ready to go.Material: silicone. Size: 57 x 96 x 5 mm. Packing: individual polybag.

CHIL9892 Phone wallet Jamie This RFID phone wallet encases your credit or ID cards and keeps your identify safe. The phone wallet can be placed on the back of your phone for convenience. It can hold one card at a time. Material: fabric. Size: 7 x 63.5 x 100 mm. Packing: individual polybag.

CHIL6273 Phone wallet Ife This protector will block RFID signals and protect valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorised scans or unwanted readers. It allows you to hold 2 cards or IDs. Material: aluminium foil. Size: 92 x 64 mm. Packing: bulk .

CHIL5563 Phone wallet Bane This RFID secure cardholder can safely contain up to 2 bank cards or IDs and will keep them protected from unauthorized scans and fraudulent activities. Material: PU leather. Size: 102 x 63 x 5 mm. Packing: bulk .


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