Chilli Ideas

CHIL5244 Travel wallet Ihuicatl Built in soft mesh pocket and elastic strap can firmly hold various small accesories, phone, earphones,power bank, charging cable. Has a power bank included with universal plug. Material: PU leather. Size: 140 x 240 x 30 mm. Packing: individual branded packaging.

CHIL3483 Minimal wallet Baeddan This small wallet can hold banknotes, coins and up to 6 cards.The slim card holder is a perfect replacement for any old credit card wallet, credit card holder, money clip and it can be an ideal gift. Material: aluminum, leather. Size: 70 x 100 mm. Packing: individual paper box.

CHIL7235 Wallet & power bank 5000 mAh Eli A power bank that has a wallet appearance, due to the small business card pocket from one of its sides with a snap closure. Has a charge level indicator. Material: PU leather. Size: 85 x 125 mm. Packing: individual paper box.


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