Chilli Ideas

CHIL1805 Teapot set Mae Tea set including a teapot and a white ceramic cup. Perfect for tea houses, coffee shops, beauty centers or even at home when you need those 15 minutes in silent with a hot cup of tea. Material: ceramics. Size: 125 x 125 x 130 mm. Packing: individual paper box.

CHIL6585 Tea set Kamaile Tea set with cup and pot with a strainer. The cup capacity is up to 250 ml. The pot capacity is up to 400 ml. It gives a solid feel and makes cleaning a breeze. Material: glass. Size: 115 x 150 x 105 mm (box). Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL1047 Tea set Absolom Ceramic tea set 2 in 1 that has a pot with strainer. Has a nice color and can be offerd as a gift for any tea lover. A special design that can suit in every tea house but also can be used at home. Material: ceramics. Size: ΓΈ113 x 140 mm. Packing: bulk.


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