Chilli Ideas

CHIL9706 Denim apron Laila Denim apron. High qualityand unisex style. It is made of breathable material for your comfort. Suitable for restaurants or for yourself at home. Material: cotton. Size: 700 x 800 mm. Packing: individual polybag.

CHIL9444 Window thermometer Faustus Simple and elegant digital thermometer with a suction cup that can also be used as external thermometer. Material: plastic. Size: 47 x 79 x 14 mm. Packing: individual white cardboard box.

CHIL4585 Apron Calanthe An elegant design for elegant restaurants. But if you feel like a chef in your kitchen, it will be the perfect accessory to have. Also suitable to be offerd as a gift for passionate. Material: cotton. Size: 650 x 900 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL9840 Weather station Faunus A weather station with a barometer that has the following features: time, date, day of the week, temperature inside and outside, air humidity, and alarm clock. You can hang it on the wall. Material: plastic. Size: 120 x 120 x 23 mm. Packing: individual white cardboard box.


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