Chilli Ideas

CHIL9761 Charging cable Hadi 3-in-1 cable with type C, micro USB and double-sided connector for iOS. With middle part to engrave your logo that will light up when using the cable for optimal exposure. Suitable for charging. Material: nylon, aluminium. Size: 10 x 5 mm. Packing: individual polybag.

CHIL8424 Charging cable Ifama This universal cable with luminous logo lets you charge all types of electronic devices when on the go. It comes in four different colors: white, blue, red and black. Its rubber finish give it a great Material: silicone, metal, plastic. Size: 150 mm (lenght). Packing: individual branded packaging.

CHIL4171 Charging cable Kalle All in one USB adapter, charges all types of smart phones. Worry no more about messy cables, strong woven cable will not tangle in your pockets. Includes a keyring hole for portability. Material: silicone. Size: 114 x 35 x 12 mm. Packing: individual branded packaging.


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