Chilli Ideas

CHIL4846 Wine set Haben The compact wine set contains three elements: an opener, a bottle band and a vacuum cork for longer storage. The whole set is packed in a small, aesthetic white box, which can take during a travel. Material: paper, plastic, metal. Size: 145 x 85 x 37 mm. Packing: individual white paper sleeve.

CHIL7904 Barbecue set Cache Barbecue set in a case with 5 accessories - tongs, spatula, knife, fork and brush - that will be perfect for summer days at barbecue with friends. The plate is attached separately. Material: plastic, metal. Size: 365 x 140 x 79 mm. Packing: individual white box.

CHIL9986 Barbecue set Dacey An ideal compact set for barbecue season that includes: a spatula with a bottle opener, a fork, a silicone basting brush and a corkscrew. All tools fold into one compact and functional “pocket knife”. Material: metal, silicone. Size: 225 x 85 x 23 mm (folded). Packing: individual white cardboard box.

CHIL5276 Barbecue set Laban Handy grill set containing the most useful grill equipment for those barbecue days with friends: spatula, tongs, spit. All is packed in useful case that can be stored or can be offerd as a gift. Material: metal, plastic. Size: 370 x 100 x 80 mm. Packing: individual white box.


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