Chilli Ideas

CHIL5040 Straw set Damarion Set of 2 reusable bamboo straws , stainless steel-nylon cleaning brush in cotton pouch. Since bamboo is a natural material the thickness and surface can vary. Material: stainless steel, cotton. Size: ø8 x 190 mm. Packing: individual cotton pouch.

CHIL8164 Drawing adult set Calhoun Drawing adult set with 10 cards and 12 coloured pencils. This is a very relaxing activity when you feel stressed out. Material: mixed. Size: 140 x 10 x 100 mm. Packing: individual paper box.

CHIL3281 Straw set Caley Set of 1 reusable drinking straw and cleaning brush in microfiber pouch if you’re looking for a sustainable alternative for the plastic ones. Can be offerd as a gift to all your friends and family. Material: stainless steel, microfiber. Size: 30 x 250 mm. Packing: individual microfiber pouch.


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