Chilli Ideas

CHIL6542 Inflatable beach ball Barack Inflatable beach ball with transparent and solid panels. A reason to have fun with your friends or for kids . Can be personalized and offerd as a gift. Material: PVC. Size: ø240 mm. Packing: bulk .

CHIL7740 Inflatable ball Abeeku Inflatable ball. Can be used for outdoor and indoor activities. It is suitable for activities with children and seniors. Material: PVC. Size: ø210 mm. Packing: bulk .

CHIL7473 Beach towel Cagney Beach towel. It comes with non-woven bag. Fade resistant colours, light and absorbent. The texture is very qualitative. Material: cotton velvet . Size: 1500 x 750 mm, 330 x 415 x 100 mm (bag). Packing: individual non-woven pouch.

CHIL6171 Hammock Dallon Share some relaxation with your friends and family. Why not both! This sling hammock can be installed wherever you please. Simply hang it from a tree or attach it to hammock stand. Material: 220 g/m2 cotton and wood. Size: 2000 x 800 mm. Packing: individual box.


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