Chilli Ideas

CHIL7188 Camping lamp Hajari Plastic camping lamp with 6 LEDs and metal handles. This compact lantern cuts through 360 degrees of darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. Easily lights up the entire tent or room. Material: metal. Size: ø820 x 125 mm (folded), ø82 x 180 mm (unfolded). Packing: bulk .

CHIL2536 Flashlight Lanai Led flash light with 6 diodes and a magnet placed at the telescopic arm. Flexible ending will help you to find small metal objects and take them of with the magnet. Logo will be engraved. Material: metal. Size: ø30 x 170 mm (not extended). Packing: individual white cardboard box.

CHIL6359 Torch Madrona 1 LED aluminium torch with glow in the dark loop. Including 4 AG3 batteries. An accesory that can be worn in your purse or backpack for those moments when you need a light in the dark. Material: metal. Size: ø12 x 55 mm. Packing: bulk .

CHIL7580 Flashlight Gafna Flashlight with led. It is one of the necessary facilities for emergency lighting, camping, grilling, mountaineering and other outdoor sports. Material: aluminium. Size: ø29 x 163 mm, 35 x 175 x 35 mm (box). Packing: individual gift box.


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