Chilli Ideas

CHIL6998 Wireless charging pad Hal This inductive charger with illuminated logo can be used with all compatible mobile devices. Its new generation QI technology will allow you to free yourself from all types of cables. Material: silicone, plastic. Size: ø90 x 10 mm. Packing: individual branded packaging.

CHIL6794 Wireless charger Hakeem Wireless charger for mobile phones suitable for iOS and Android. And alternative at those chargers that requiers a wire. Material: silicone. Size: 125 x 65 x 6 mm. Packing: individual polybag.

CHIL3391 Wireless charging pad Bailey Keep your phone charged with this fashionable wireless charger that will blend perfectly with your interior. Wireless charging compatible with all devices. Material: ABS. Size: 9 x ø82 mm. Packing: individual branded packaging.

CHIL2226 Inductive charger James Our desktop induction charger lets you charge your phone wirelessly. 2-in-1, you can charge your mobile phone and keep your workspace organised. Good marking surface for permanent visibility. Material: ABS. Size: 135 x 90 x 70 mm. Packing: individual branded packaging.


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