Chilli Ideas

CHIL6851 Bamboo calendar Damaris A very beautiful accessory engraved, that displays the month, date and day of the week in a small footprint for counter or desktop use. Can be offerd as a gift also. Material: bamboo. Size: 130 x 40 x 55 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL3226 3D puzzle Lambert 3D puzzle composed of magnetic, metallic pieces. Can also be used as paper weight and has a special design that wil brighten up your office desk. Material: metal. Size: 80 x 40 mm. Packing: bulk.

CHIL8631 Paperweight Galilee Paperweight made from ABS and magnet. It comes with 8 humanshaped clips. The paperweight is a perfect business gift visualizing the idea of teambuilding. Material: metal, ABS. Size: 92 x 72 x 23 mm. Packing: individual cardboard box.


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