Chilli Ideas

CHIL3469 Table lamp Kaleigh Desk lamp with a built-in weather station. Has three levels of light intensity, a special filter makes the light more natural and helps protect your eyes. Has multi-colour backlighting. Material: plastic. Size: ø84 x 270 mm. Packing: individual white box.

CHIL1938 Desk lamp Maaike A desk lamp with an unique design and touch panel with a built in battery. The biggest advantage of the product is the powerful fan, which will be very useful in warm days. Material: plastic. Size: ø109 x 510 mm. Packing: individual white box.


CHIL3059 Desk lamp with speaker Hagan With 18 high brightness leds, tactile button and flexible arm. It has bluetooth transmission and the autonomy is up to 6 h. It Includes USB cable for charging. Material: ABS. Size: 100 x 225 x 100 mm, 110 x 235 x 105 mm (box). Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL5702 Table lamp Lan A table lamp with LED that has 3 light positions. It displays hour, date and temperature. An article that can’t miss over your desk, or night stand for a good evening reading. Material: PP, rubber. Size: 90 x 60 x 510 mm. Packing: individual branded packaging.


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