Chilli Ideas

CHIL5545 Weather station Iha Weather station with coloured LED display including weather trend information. Including USB cable for power. Can also be powered by 3 x AAA batteries that are not included. Size: 140 x 55 x 35 mm. Packing: individual paper box.

CHIL4195 Desk organizer Daxia Organizer for a desk made of MDF panel with a fashionable finish in light wood colour which fits to modern interior. It has a container for pens and clock with: calendar, alarm and thermometer. Material: MDF. Size: 188 x 79 x 98 mm. Packing: individual brown cardboard box.

CHIL3595 Desk organizer Cabernet Organizer for office desk with a clock and a container for pens that has the following functions: calendar, alarm, timer and thermometer. It is perfect keeping the desk clean and organize. Material: plastic, metal. Size: 64 x 100 x 72 mm. Packing: individual white cardboard box.

CHIL7255 LCD desk clock Lalage Desk clock LCD with power cable included. An accessory that will be in center on your desk. With a design inspired by nature. Can be a perfect gift for a nature lover. Material: wood, plastic. Size: 125 x 65 x 150 mm. Packing: individual paper box.


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