Chilli Ideas

CHIL2708 Pencil Jotter Parker An authentic design icon with nice colours and a distinctive shape recognizable down to its signature click. Delivered with pencil refill (0.5mm nib). Built-in eraser under the push-button cap. Material: stainless steel. Size: 133 x ø8.5 mm. Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL5735 Rollerball pen Vector Parker Simple, essential and reliable, special with its adaptability and inherent quality. Delivered with one rollerball refill. Material: plastic, stainless steel. Size: 135 x ø10 mm. Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL8310 Fountain pen Urban Parker Distinctive style with remarkable performance. With its inimitable curved design and range of finishes, it was crafted to compliment personal style and elevate the confidence behind every word. Material: metal. Size: 135 x ø14 mm. Packing: individual gift box.

CHIL7878 Fountain pen IM Parker Highly professional and reliable. An ideal partner with unlimited potential. With a durable nib and finishes, every detail is refined to deliver a writing experience that is always dependable. Material: metal. Size: 137 x ø13 mm. Packing: individual gift box.


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