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S ales of PICs are soaring, with their deployment helping to boost the capacity of networks and data centres. To aid this industry, we helped strengthen the relationships between the makers and the users of these integrated circuits by organising the 4th PIC International, a global conference dedicated to this industry. With over 600 industry innovators and 70 exhibitors, attendees to the PIC International conference will hear industry-leading insiders deliver more than 30 presentations spanning five sectors. This will help to equip the delegates at this two-day conference with an up-to-date overview of the status of the PIC industry, and provides them with many opportunities to meet other key players within this community. PIC International 2020 will encompass five key industry themes for 2019. l PICs Today − Datacom, Imaging and Transport l PIC Innovation − EPDA, TAP & PICs Beyond Datacom l PICs Reimagined − Hybrids and Materials Innovation l PIC ROI − Show Me the Money l PICs Beyond 100G − Evolution and Revolution PRESENTATIONS Presentations at PIC International 2020 will be grouped into five key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of the global photonics industry. l PICs Today − Datacom, Sensing & LiDAR Datacom remains today’s largest PIC opportunity. This theme will explore progress in PICs for data switching / transmission along with the potential for PICs in emerging sensing applications including LiDAR, digital imaging, fibre optic sensors and bio-photonics. l PIC Manufacturing − TAP, Co- Packaging & Fab As early generations of PICs are moving into commercial applications the need for automated test, assembly and packaging (TAP) is paramount to ensure long-term reliability. Opportunities

31st March – 1st April 2020, Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

for co-packaging hold promise while foundry consolidation and applications beyond datacom have implications for substrate suppliers, EDA/EPDA and many others across the supply chain. l PIC Technology − Solutions, Analysis & Research The rapidly evolving nature of photonic integration, silicon photonics (SiP), optical computing and automotive SoCs tied to PICs offers new manufacturing opportunities. This theme will explore programmable PICs, the coherent vs. incoherent debate, quantum encryption and the latest integration/hybridization approaches for light sources and other PIC devices. l PIC ROI − Quality Metrics & Scalability Scalability is a key manufacturing interest as pilot lines set the stage for volume manufacturing. This theme will look at which metrics can best be applied to design and manufacturing as the industry pivots to higher production levels? Is a total quality management (TQM) approach vital to long-term vitality? It will also explore TAP within a quality matrix and how today’s systems can be readied for long-term scalability and margin growth. l PICs Vision − Evolution and Revolution As PICs move from 100G to 400G, the future will require 800/1600G devices − can we set the stage today for a smooth transition? This theme will explore leading pathways to a PIC-enabled future and what needs to be initiated in the short-term to satisfy long-term requirements. What role might quantum technologies play to increase performance, reduce power consumption and improve quality? AWARDS To recognise and highlight key industry achievements in advancing photonic integration through platform development, manufacturing, design, packaging and device characterisation, PIC International magazine is proud to host its 3rd PIC Awards programme.

The awards programme is dedicated to celebrating leading lights in the industry. The categories are as follows:

l Best achievement in PIC development

This category celebrates the efforts of foundry service providers, fabless companies, equipment manufacturers, and packaging and test centres enabling the future production of Photonic Integrated Circuits, PIC-enabled products, enabling innovative applications in the field on photonic integration. l Best achievement in PIC platform This award recognizes advances in the development and application of key materials systems driving today’s photonic integrated circuits and providing a stepping stone to future devices. l Best new PIC-enabled product or achievement in optical-fibered modules This category celebrates the efforts by companies bringing PICs in applications where PICs are connected to fibre optics, such as in transceivers-modules, tunable lasers, high speed photodiodes. l Best new PIC-enabled product or achievement in non-optical-fibered modules This category celebrated the efforts by companies bringing to PICs to different markets, where the PIC is not connected to a single or array of optical fibres, this could be in applications such as sensing, consumer electronics, environmental monitoring, AR/VR, medical. l PIC Individual contributor award Individual contributor to pics and pic technologies either academic, industrial, commercial, or governmental, either by demonstrated results, designs, publications, prototypes, product, patents, policies, etc. l PIC Lifetime achievement award The name of this category is self- explanatory. Previous winners: Meint Smit (2017), Roel Baets (2018).


ISSUE 18 | Q3 2019

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